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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap Episode 912 “Guardians”

Spoilers from episode 912 of The Walking Dead lie ahead.


The Whisperers make their way back to camp. Alpha asks Lydia why he (Daryl) didn’t want to give her up, and if they hurt her. She asks what Lydia said about their group. Lydia tells Hershey have farmland and basic weapons. Alpha is disappointed that Lydia does not have more information, and Lydia asks if that’s the only reason they rescued her. Alpha tells her it’s a stupid question and walks off.

Michonne finds out about the radio held by Gabriel. She scolds them because Eugene almost died, Jesus died and Began got out. She is angry with her council and they disagree with her cutting them off from the rest of the world. Aaron has taken her side and speaks about the new enemy that is the Whisperers. He apologizes for his secret time spent with Jesus. He says Michonne’s judgment have saved them time and time again.
Siddiq steps in and talks about Michonne canceling the fair and how Carol was disappointed with that. Carol also said the condition of the Kingdom was bad and they needed the fair.

Michonne says that with the new group and dangers, and Michonne says she still isn’t ready to risk lives over the fair. She is determined to keep Alexandria alive, even if the Kingdom falls.

Rosita, pregnant, struggles to button her jeans. Gabriel arrives home and she greets him. Gabriel is upset by the conversation with Michonne and no longer believes in the council.

Rosita gives him the option to leave if everything is too much. She says the ball is in his court, but clearly wants to stay with him.

Back at the Whisperers camp, Lydia finds a yoyo on the ground. Henry lurked behind them and is caught by Beta (Ryan Hurst). Beta says he’s been tracking them. He throws Henry down in front of Alpha, who asks who he is. Henry says he came for Lydia. Lydia calls him stupid and slaps him. Alpha says they will take him and leave, because one means more.

Eugene approaches Gabriel with an extensive, well thought out chart outlining the benefits and cons of him staying with Rosita and raising a child. He can tell that Gabriel isn’t sold on staying with her. Eugene tells him he’s be a fool to let her go. He admits that he’s in love with her but affirms how much she loves Gabriel, and that she doesn’t love Siddiq. Gabriel questions whether time or love are more important. Eugene leaves after giving him a gift to bring her; a pair of maternity pants for her “ever expanding bread basket.”

Alpha asks Lydia wh her “friend” followed her. She says his name was Henry, and Alpha asks why she didn’t mention him. Lydia says he’s dumber than she thought, and made up a story about how she lied to him and gave a pity story. Alpha says Lydia had to lie, but they did too. She seems pleased with her for lying so well. She gives Lydia an apple and caresses her as she takes a bite.

They arrive back at camp. There are many people there. Alpha tells Beta to get Lydia a new skin. People are sawing open deer and bodies.

Negan has been put back in his cell. Michonne enters the cellar and asks why he came back. Negan defends Gabriel for leaving the cell unlocked. Michonne says that being free was too hard so he pathetically came back. She asks what he wants. He says he wants her to trust him. She isn’t amused. Negan says it’s only a matter of time before she loses Alexandria, and he wants to help her-leader to former leader. She says they will fortify the lock, sees Judith listening in out of the corner of her eye and leaves.

Daryl and Connie track The Whisperers. They kill a few walkers and Dog goes to retrieve an arrow. He rips it in half when Daryl pulls. “Bad dog.” Daryl shrugs.

At Whisperer camp, Beta skins a walker in a gruesome mask making display. Henry, tied to a tree, tells Alpha that aren’t them. She disagrees, and two Whisperers approach her and aren’t happy with how the trade went. One challenges her, saying she isn’t fit to lead anymore. Beta holds a knife to him. She turns to his girlfriend and says it’s really her who is challenging her. She tells her she’s failed all of them. Alpha asks the rest if they agree, they don’t respond. She tells Alpha she doesn’t want to fight. Alpha responds that it’s too late, and proceeds to tie a string around her neck and decapitate her with it. She hands the girlfriend’s head to the man. When he sheds a tear, Alpha stabs and kills him too. She tells him crying is weak. Henry stands by in shock.

Judith walks up stairs to find Michonne. She asks her how practice was. Michonne asks why she was spying at the prison. Judith says she went to see Negan. Michonne is shocked that Judith has spoken to him and tells her he isn’t her friend. Judith says that Negan listens to her. Michonne tells her he is a monster and Judith yells back that he isn’t. She says he’s a human being. She tells Judith he did horrible things to people her dad loved. When Michonne says people don’t really change, Judith snaps back with “You did.” Michonne tells her to go to her room.

Henry looks on as the bodies are dragged away. Lydia comes close to him and gives an reassuring smile.
Beta removes Alpha’s mask. She reflects on other times people have questioned her leadership and that this time felt different. She recalls a time when Lydia got into the closet and wrapped herself in plastic, close to death. She recalls letting her almost choke, and then saving her, and slapping her for punishment. She says you have to do whatever it takes to save them from themselves. Beta says the outside is dangerous too and will come for the boy. They plan to find out if Lydia has feelings for him so they can use it to teach her a lesson.

Gabriel makes his decision. He will be a family with Rosita and Siddiq, and the baby when it comes. Eugene watches and smiles.

Michonne goes to Aaron’s door, and Gracie answers. She’s about 6. Michonne tells Aaron that she won’t veto a decision to send a team to the fair. She says it’s a terrible idea but that the people can weigh the risks. She said that’s the charter she wants to protect, and for the Kingdom. They say they hope they won’t regret it.

Beta violently removes Henry from the tree. It’s dark and he brings him to Alpha and Lydia. Alpha throws a knife on the ground for Lydia to pick up. Alpha tells Lydia to kill the boy. Alpha says she was gone long enough to forget which side she’s on. As Alpha pressures her, a herd descends on the Whisperer camp. People are killed and Alpha goes towards the herd.

Daryl, in a walker masks, grabs Henry. He says they are leaving without the girl. Henry says he isn’t leaving her, and they all escape when the moment is right.


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