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‘The Walking Dead’: Could Daryl be a Dad?

The latest episode of The Walking Dead titled ‘The Bridge,’ seemed to tease the possibility that Daryl could be taking on a more paternal role.

While rebuilding the bridge, Aaron (Ross Marquand) went into detail about raising baby Gracie and told Daryl “you’ll see.”

“You’d be a great dad.”

Daryl blows the comment off in true Daryl fashion. But what could this mean for the character?

Daryl has always had a soft spot for the kids of the apocalypse having looked after newborn Judith AKA Little Ass Kicker as well as becoming an uncle figure to Carl. We can’t forget how dedicated he was to find Sophia.

Could Daryl Dixon take a father-like role with Judith when Rick is gone?

Norman Reedus says Daryl isn’t going to replace Rick Grimes but he will be more of a leader.

“It’s part of his arc for the season, as people look to him more and more as a leader in certain situations. It’s something he struggles with because he doesn’t feel like he’s a person who likes to give speeches. He’s a person who likes to be out there on the road, in action,” showrunner Angela Kang explains. “But that in and of itself is a different type of leadership. He’s going to find what it is that he’s comfortable with and go forward with that.”

Daryl is very loyal to those he loves. Even though Michonne and Judith have formed a mother-daughter relationship, she’ll still need a father figure. Uncle Daryl won’t let anything happen to his little ass kicker.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.