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‘The Walking Dead’ Character Spotlight: Negan

When it was first announced
that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be
joining the cast of The Walking
in his confirmed role of
fans were ecstatic. Not just because Jeffrey Dean Morgan himself is
an amazing
actor, but because
the arrival of Negan has been long awaited. Negan is arguably
the most
talked about The Walking
villain, and by far one
of the most violent villains Rick and his
group will find themselves

facing. Negan is extremely calculating and intelligent. Negan is known to be
incredible foul mouth,
something Robert Kirkman (one of the writers of The
Walking Dead

comics) has said he took from his
own personality.

though I had read articles on social media, the
AMC website and in magazines

about Negan’s arrival, I still had the chills. Negan’s entrance on the
lasted approximately about
fourteen minutes, but his character was written
perfectly. Jeffrey Dean
Morgan had a perfect delivery of the
iconic comic book
villain. Andrew Lincoln was absolutely right when he said
that Negan had the
entrance ever written.

In the case of Rick and his group, Negan

expressed his anger in an eerily calm
way (which just made it even more powerful
and creepy) about how Rick and
his crew have killed dozens upon
dozens of Negans
men. In fact, he referred to it as ‘more men than he’s

“You are so gonna regret crossing
me in a few

-Negan, The
Walking Dead

Despite his violent
tendencies, he has a
moral code. While Negan may be ranked as a primary
antagonist alongside The

Governor, Gareth and Alpha Wolf, he is the least ‘evil’ of the three of
Negan does not really
enjoy killing people just for the sake of racking up his
kill count, he only
kills to keep people in check.
In regards to the Season 6
finale, Negan informed Rick that his reasoning
for killing one of Rick’s people

as a means of retribution; to put Rick in line. One thing Negan absolutely
and will not tolerate is
sexual violence. Despite his violent and cold exterior,
Negan can (at times)
be reasonable and at times it is
revealed he has a sense of

Negan believes that it’s his job
to ensure the survival of the

human race and build for it a new world. It’s why he named his group ‘The


Aside from
Negan being a used car-salesman, not much is known
about his backstory at this current time. We
do know that his
weapon of
choice is his wooden baseball bat, Lucille, which is wrapped in barbed
Negan’s backstory is currently
in the works, and I hope that when The
Walking Dead
returns in
October, pieces of his backstory will

Again, Negan’s entrance in this Season 6 finale was

incredible. I am extremely
excited to see where The Walking Dead
writers will be taking the
story in this upcoming season. I
cannot wait to see
more Negan.

Don’t forget to cast your vote with us, on
who you
think met Lucille’s fatal

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