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The Walking Dead, Avengers 4, and More Shut Down Production due to Hurricane Irma

Just days after Hurricane Harvey reaped destruction in Texas, the state of Florida began bracing for Hurricane Irma – another natural disaster that was set to bring destruction. The storm is still heavily affecting Florida and other states, and if you’ve seen any of the live video from the midst of the storms, it’s almost painful to watch.

While the storm moves north, neighboring states are shutting down in a similar fashion to the way Florida did. For this hurricane, even Disney World shut down, which is a rare circumstance. Reports of damage have been pouring in all day and because of the strength of Hurricane Irma, production on multiple television series’ and films have been shut down in Atlanta.

Governor Nathan Deal tweeted about a state of emergency being called in all counties in Georgia.

The read more link says a recommendation from the state’s Emergency Operations Command is what led to the expanded emergency declaration.

Acting on a recommendation from the state’s Emergency Operations Command and ahead of heavy rains, strong wind and potential flooding from Hurricane Irma, Gov. Nathan Deal today expanded the emergency declaration to include an additional 65 counties. The state of emergency now includes all 159 counties in Georgia. State government will be closed Monday and Tuesday for all employees except essential personnel.

The Walking Dead, filmed in both Atlanta and Senoia has been halted and at neighboring Pinewood Studios, production on Avengers 4 and Ant-Man and The Wasp has been halted as well.

Some businesses in Florida are returning to normal tomorrow, or as normal as can be, but with the anticipated flooding in neighboring states and strong winds, the opportunity for damaged sets is high. If that happens, there’s no definitive answer as to when filming would begin again.

The Walking Dead‘s season 8 premiere is set for October 22nd on AMC.