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The Trailer for Blumhouse’s ‘Truth or Dare’ will Send Chills Down Your Spine

There are some things about horror films that leave you with an eerie feeling you just can’t shake. Like it and Pennywise’s creepy smile or the weird feeling you get when you see a ‘Scream’ mask on Halloween. A new trailer for the upcoming horror film Truth or Dare has just given us another.

The trailer shows a group of friends sat around drinking, enjoying a seemingly ordinary night. Until, of course, we realize that it isn’t so normal after all.

The group of friends is on vacation and one of them seems to have found a new love interest, as the group seems to ‘interrogate’ Carter, asking what his intentions are with their sweet Olivia. Without sugarcoating it even a little bit, he says he needed to find someone with a lot of friends to play the game. He didn’t care if other people had to die so he could live.

Suddenly, an evil is unleashed and it follows the group home. Oh, and that evil? It leads to some twisted, creepy, almost face breaking smiles that make us cringe just thinking about it. Quite frankly, we’ve only been able to sit through the trailer once.

Don’t believe us, see for yourselves.

Looks like truth or dare has become a life or death game. Truth or Dare hits theaters on April 27th.