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‘The Originals’ Season 5 Episode 4 ‘Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea’ Recap

Mardi Gras is about to be flooding the streets of New Orleans but so will blood as Klaus (Joseph Morgan) returns without Elijah (Daniel Gillies). Klaus is determined to locate Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) by any means necessary. He goes down the line interrogating the vampires, the witches and the werewolves convinced that someone holds the answers he wants. After receiving an “anonymous” tip Klaus and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) follow it the address on the note to find a vervain-laced chained chair that was used to keep someone prisoner and blood on the walls. Marcel later brings in Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) to make sure that Haley had indeed been a prisoner here, however, Klaus had other plans.

Klaus takes a member of each faction prisoner. When Colette (Malone Thomas) who is a New Orleans’s witch refuses to do magic for Klaus, he has Josh (Steven Krueger) who is the leader of the vampires help explain just how horrible he will make her life if she refuses again. Marcel and Vincent find out about Klaus and his plan to kill the wolf, Josh and Colette at sundown if Haley is not returned and they go in search of Klaus to stop him. Marcel delivers the goodbye letters that Klaus had prisoners write to show that he was serious about his threats.

Vincent and Ivy consult the Tarot cards to see what Klaus is up and they see he is on the right path. However, the “Death Card” is turned over after a package arrives at the Mikaelson home containing Haley’s “Crescent” birthmark that has been removed from her body, Klaus becomes enraged. The future becomes darker for everyone involved. Klaus removes the heart of the wolf prisoner, bites Colette and as he is about to kill Josh when Vincent arrives to seek justice for the years of pain Klaus has caused. This fury sets in motion a chain of events that Klaus might not see coming. Vincent leaves Marcel to take care of Klaus but later warns Klaus that if he does not back off there will be a war not between Klaus and the covens but between him and Klaus.

Marcel places Klaus in a coffin chained up and asks him why he took them hostage. Klaus explained that the witches and wolves fell in line and protected their own. That meant it had to be the vampires who took Haley. The only way that he could get them to come forward and tell him where Haley is if they feared him. So, he wanted to put the fear in them. He reminded Marcel that they would not listen to him either because they no longer feared him. So, Marcel decided to call a meeting of the vampires to discuss the matter with them in a calm manner. As he began speaking, he calmly reminded in the past how it would have been, one of the vampires decided to step forward to say “You are not our leader” just as Klaus comes up from behind and wraps a chain around his neck and removes his head. Marcel announces that things have indeed changed. He has taken control of the vampires again. He takes their Daylight rings just as a start of the process. Marcel had indeed returned as the King of New Orleans and King of the Vampires.

Meanwhile, Freya (Riley Voelkel) is on her own mission to keep an eye on Hope (Danielle Rose Russell). After Vincent and Ivy’s (Shiva Kalaiselvan) Tarot Card reading that revealed that Hope would destroy New Orleans, Vincent has been concerned. Freya finds Hope trying to learn locator spells in many different languages in hopes of trying to find her mother. Trying to keep her busy, Freya agrees to work on spells but soon decides to tell her the truth about what the cards said about her future. Hope finds out that she is possibly cursed and could be the downfall of her family, of New Orleans and of the World.

This week was a “set up” episode.  Which means the next couple of weeks we will see some exciting episodes. At the end of this episode Klaus throws the box containing Haley’s birthmark and as it breaks a coin falls out and he picks it up and says it is from enemies he thought were long dead.  What I hate is I know Klaus has changed but he still does “Klaus” style things, just like tonight killing the witch and werewolf. Now he has made enemies with Vincent and the werewolves who could have helped him in his now fight against the vampires.  I don’t know about you guys but I am hoping Elijah gets his act together and quick.  Elijah has been one of the few people who could keep Klaus from doing stupid “Klaus things” plus well I love me some Elijah 🙂