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‘The Originals’ Season 5 Episode 1 ‘Where You Left Your Heart’ Recap

Published on April 21st, 2018 | Updated on April 23rd, 2018 | By FanFest

7 years have passed since the Mikaelson clan parted ways to ensure that their family would continue to live because if they are together they will die or their precious niece Hope will. The dark magic inside them would kill the very thing that they have for each other and that is love. However, the draw of “Forever and Always” is just too strong and they are drawn back together by fate or something darker.

We find Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in Paris, back to the Klaus we recognize from the first time we meet him in TVD, deep, brooding and well frankly a tad bit nasty to deal come into contact with.

We find that back “home” in New Orleans life has become normal for those who stayed behind. Well as normal as normal can be for a werewolf mom Haley (Phoebe Tonkin), the Mikaelson witch Freya (Riley Voelkel), the now current vampire leader of New Orleans Josh (Steven Krueger) and former leader of the New Orleans witches Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood). In the past seven years, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) was no longer allowed in New Orleans. With that in mind, the past seven years have passed for the three groups in peace, harmony and some have even found love however when the Mikaelson’s are involved those things do not last long together.

We then are whisked away and find out why Marcel is no longer allowed in New Orleans. He is standing before Rebecca (Claire Holt) who is sitting on a couch and asks her to play a game. He tells her he wants to play a game called Four objects and a Question. First, he uncovers a wedding gown which she said was hideous, but he knew she loved it, so he bought it anyway. He then revealed a framed photo of the house he had designed for them. After the picture, he uncovered her sword, and he reminded her that she once told him that she would only marry someone who bested her. Marcel told her he didn’t want some who he could best but someone he could be right beside which lead him to the fourth object an engagement ring and of course the QUESTION! She just takes a deep breath and he says, “Please don’t say “The Family”. Marcel finally gives Rebecca an ultimatum to meet him at city hall to say I do or he is done but she is still struggling with the famous Mickaelson “Forever and Always”.

Soon we find ourselves in Manosque, France, where Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is playing the piano in a bar. Klaus walks in and Elijah does not seem to recognize him but almost immediately the flowers in the room begin to die. Elijah still has amnesia and has no memory of his past life, his family or the dark magic that is within him. Elijah seems to be happy with his life as a piano bar player and the listening ear to this strange fellow with a hint of danger but a sense of something else about him that he cannot put his finger on. However, with Klaus visiting Elijah too long, the curse starts to kick in and soon Klaus must leave his beloved brother in order to save his family.

We then get whisked back to our favorite town of mystery Mystic Falls, VA and the Salvatore Boarding School. We find Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) is caught selling her “hybrid” blood to a fellow crescent wolf classmate who was being picked on. She is suspended and sent “home” unaware of just how serious the consequences of her actions will be. When the new “hybrid” shows up at her home in New Orleans with a fresh kill he could not control himself from committing the reality sets in just how bad it really is. However, deep down she may see this as a way to bring her family back together again not truly understanding just how serious the consequences of her actions will actually be.

Haley trying to “clean” up Hope’s mess finally reaches out to Klaus who is still causing havoc in Paris. She finds a private investigator in an unlikely source. ‘The Vampire Dairies‘ own Caroline (Candice King) shows up to confront Klaus and tell him what is going on with Hope. Caroline realizes that maybe Klaus was not on a “random” killing spree after all. Klaus confides that he is trying to protect Elijah from enemies. He also tells her that he misses Elijah more now than if he were dead. Caroline tries to comfort him on this front but when it comes to being a bad father she lets him know there is no excuse for that. She told him just because his father was horrible there is no reason for him to follow in his footsteps. She reminded him that there is a thing called a phone and he had better start using it.

However, remember when I said that peace, harmony and love will not stay around long when the Mikaelson’s are involved? The episode ends with Marcel with a broken heart and plans to take “his” city back, Haley is missing, Rebecca is now the one visiting Elijah the piano player in France, it is raining blood and oh yeah Klaus is returning to New Orleans!

As the last season of ‘The Originals‘ starts, I watch with excitement and sadness as I know it is the beginning of the end. I cannot imagine a world without the Mikaelson family especially Elijah, but it is a world we are facing in a few short weeks. So far I will say that 6-year-old Hope was so much smarter than teenage Hope but sadly is that not usually the case. I loved that even though they made us think Klaus was back to his “evil” ways he really had a plan and the Klaus we have come to love is still in there and when he knew his family was in trouble he headed to New Orleans and didn’t think twice. However, I do not think he has really thought it through just what will happen when he arrives in New Orleans.


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