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‘The Originals’ Season 5 Episode 10 ‘There in the Disappearing Light’ Recap

Published on July 12th, 2018 | Updated on July 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

A father’s love knows no bounds. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) tries to help his daughter Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) deal with the black magic that is consuming her and causing her uncontrollable anger. He tries allowing her to channel her anger on him but soon realizes that will not be enough to calm that rage. Hope knows that the only way to silence the demons in her head to feed the rage what it wants and that is the blood of someone she hates, and she just happens to have a father who is in a very giving mood when she drops the name of someone who fits that bill. In protective custody at his sister’s command Roman (Jedidiah Goodacre) becomes Hope’s first toy to play with. The fight rages within Hope for a long time. She wants to cause Roman the same physical pain as the emotional pain he has caused her. However, the good is still in her…. because part of Haley will forever be part of her. She soon knows that Roman was truly not worthy of the rage or of death.

Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) doing the only thing he could do to save the lives of the witches that were poisoned including Ivy (Shiva Kalaiselvan) was to use to use the vampire blood to save them all and allow them the decision to either feed and live or not and pass on to the other side. Ivy chooses to cross over though Vincent tells her that it is not what she thinks it is and she disagrees with him saying she has seen the future, so he shows her with a spell. With the glimpse of the other side, Vincent with the help of the other witches decides to take down the “Well of Ancestors” which means that the dead can now walk freely and no longer be trapped in the “Ancestry Well”.

When Elijah receives a text from Antionette (Jaime Murray) asking to meet with him and she informs him that Klaus has Roman and that if Elijah had any real feelings for her that he would save her brother from Klaus. Elijah reaches out to Klaus trying to save Roman’s life, but Hope had already made the decision, but Elijah had come up with a plan that would help everyone end this nightmare of a journey.

Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) walks into a trap. Emmett (Robert Baker) has plans to remove venom from Marcel and use it to destroy all the Hybrids including Hope Mikaelson. Once Josh (Steven Krueger) realizes his best friend is missing he comes to the rescue but after the fight ends Josh reveals that he has been stabbed in the heart with a large needle. The needle filled with poison that Emmett had created from the venom. Within moments New Orleans lost its favorite bartender, vampire best friend and an awesome good guy and for this writer, the tears have not stopped since. Josh told Marcel moments before his last breaths that Marcel was his family then kissed cheek and with that one of my favorite characters was gone.

Antionette called her mother’s followers together to announce that Roman had been taken and she needed them. Emmett arrived with his party bag of tricks that contained the poison that was just used to kill Josh. When Elijah arrived and announced that he had changed his allegiance and was joining them in their mission against Klaus they thought their night was just getting started but when Klaus, Hope and Marcel arrived kicking in the front door things suddenly appeared to darken for the rebel group of vampires when they realized they had been set up. Hope Mikaelson had arrived with a WHOLE LOT OF RAGE and it was just for them and when her father allowed her to unleash the beast and all rage inside her rained down on them all wiping out the entire group and for the first time in weeks, Hope felt relief. Until the discovery of Declan (Torrance Commbs) who was almost dead upstairs which meant his death would trigger Hope’s werewolf curse. Sending her downstairs, Klaus gives Declan some of his blood bringing him awake that is when he asks Klaus where his friend is. Terror overtakes Klaus as he finds the dead body of Declan’s friend and the reality of what has happened sets in just as downstairs Hope starts screaming in pain, doubles over and looks up into the camera with a new set of eyes……..

This episode was almost as heartbreaking as the one when we lost Haley. I was not expecting to lose Josh tonight. I have loved Josh since the episode when he did not pick up the coin. When he did not pick up that coin I fell in love with him. He has been a strong, honest, loving, compassionate and stable character and losing him has broken me tonight. However, the final scene where he was reunited with the love of his life Aden just brought me to even more tears so to the writers I thank you for that because that made my heart so happy for his character because he deserved that happiness even if it was in the FINAL afterlife…..I have to send props to Steven Krueger as an actor because he took this character and turned him from a small background character into a strong lead role whom the fans have fallen in love with and I know that I am not the only who is going to be crying themselves to sleep tonight….RIP Josh….


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