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‘The Originals’ Season 5 Episode 11 ‘Til the Day I Die’ Recap

Wedding Bells can be heard in New Orleans as Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Keelin (Christina Marie Moses) decide that in memory of Josh (Steven Krueger) that they would have their wedding on the same day as his funeral. As each family member has a role, Freya soon becomes heartbroken to realize the family and friends she has always been there for does not seem to want to return that same affection for her.

Freya reaches out to Elijah (Daniel Gillies) to walk her down the aisle at her wedding only to have him turn her down without much of an explanation. We soon see a flashback to Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) visiting Elijah while he was in France with his memory was gone. She used the name “Andrea” and would talk to him about “exes” and all kinds of topics. They have a special visit that plays out when Elijah recognizes “Andrea” in the farmhouse he assumes she was a spy and chose to not save her and that has added to his guilt all these weeks. While going through boxes in the attic he finds a letter addressed to him from “Andrea“. She thanked him for a special time and how their visit helped her move on and she hopes they meet in another lifetime.

Already heartbroken to be turned away by her brother, Freya is also turned down by her best man Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood). Vincent explains that even though he loves her, he must get out of New Orleans for a while. Following the death of Ivy and the other witches and the other tragedies that have just occurred, it is more than he can bear, and he must leave. Freya makes him promise to return.

However, the worst heartache comes from Freya herself when she must admit to Keelin that she does not want to have children and basically calls off the wedding. Freya comes home to have a heart to heart with Rebecca (Claire Holt) and talks out her fears with her sister and realizes she can’t risk losing Keelin. The two work it out and the wedding goes on.

Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) is fighting the grief that comes from the fact that she accidentally killed a man in her attempt to rid herself of the black magic curse. While killing the group of evil vampires who were responsible for the death of her mother, Hope accidentally killed an innocent man triggering her werewolf curse. The worse part of it all is after everything the black magic curse came back and has seemed to have gotten worse.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) desperate to find answers to help save his daughter reaches out to one of the most powerful witches he has ever known Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell). Davina finds out that the black magic curse is destroying Hope from the inside out and she has just a few weeks, days or even hours before it consumes her and kills her completely.

Declan (Torrance Coombs) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) sitting in the bar discussing Josh and his memory when Declan drops a bombshell that he knows that Josh and Marcel are vampires. He reveals that he had found his relatives Father Kieran O’Connell research and files on all the vampires. Marcel struggles with the proper way to handle this new crisis. He comes to the decision that the best way to honor Josh is to try and help Declan learn more about the immortals in New Orleans and how the humans need to prepare.

All the negative events of the day aside the wedding arrives, and it is breathtaking. As Freya stands at the doorway Klaus appears and offers to walk her down the aisle just as he does Elijah arrives and they both walk the bride down the aisle. Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) performs the ceremony as the family watches with tears in their eyes. The party goes on even though everyone is missing Josh and the fact they all know that Hope is dying and there is nothing they can do about it.

Klaus enters Hope’s room after the wedding with the intention to tell her that she is dying however he simply cannot find the words. Elijah is standing overlooking the streets of New Orleans as Klaus joins him. Elijah asks if he told Hope. Klaus simply says “How can I tell her she is my daughter?”  Elijah just grabs Klaus and they hug and cry as the truth that there is nothing they can do to save Hope this time.