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‘The Originals’ Season 5 Episode 2 ‘One Wrong Turn on Bourbon’ Recap

In case you have ever wondered if vampire-hybrid parents have to deal with teenage drama, this week ‘The Originals’ answers that question for you.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) arrives “home” to New Orleans to help search for Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) after his daughter tells him that her mother has disappeared. Of course, it is extremely dangerous for Klaus not only to be in New Orleans but to be near Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) it could be fatal to her and the entire family. However, Klaus knows that he must find Haley before he can leave town again.

Klaus is not the only king returning to his castle. The “King of the VampiresMarcel (Charles Michael Davis) has returned to reclaim his thrown but not all his “loyal” followers are so excited by his return. Marcel is having to deal with Henry (Nicholas Alexander) the newest “Hybrid” and the aftermath of his brutal kill of a fellow vampire. The vampires are wanting him to pay for his crime, but Marcel knows that he is just a kid who has new and overwhelming urges he has no idea how to control and with Haley missing there is no-one who can take Henry under control. He comes to an agreement to “punish” Henry for a few years, then once he has “dried” up, Marcel will take him under his wing and make him one of his vampires. However, Marcel had another reason for taken Henry as a “prisoner” once they were back in New Orleans. After Klaus paid Marcel a visit, Marcel realized that Henry could be behind Haley’s disappearance. Once Marcel and Josh were back in Josh’s apartment they were shocked once they discovered who Henry had been working worth.

Klaus was so desperate to find out where Haley was upon his arrival in New Orleans that he missed all the clues that lead straight to his daughter Hope. Klaus (who obviously has never been around a teenager) is shocked, confused and broken when he realizes that his daughter “kidnapped” her own mother just to get him back into her life. However, he knows that his love for her WILL KILL HER and he just can not allow that to happen and it is just so much easier to push her away than allow her to get close. Hope being a teenage girl sadly does not understand that all she sees is the fact that he is pushing her away and in her heart that means he just does not love her when in reality I don’t think Klaus has ever loved anyone as much as he does Hope.

Freya (Riley Voelkel) who was packed and ready to move on with her girlfriend Keelin (Christina Marie Moses) after 7 years of staying in New Orleans and trying her best to find a way to save her family and her niece. She decided that she had to move on with her life and her love while she was still trying to figure out a way to save her family. However, when she and Klaus go to wake up Haley from her “sleeping spell” inside the coffin that Hope had placed her in and all they find are the remnants of a bloody and terrifying battle that had taken place and Haley’s body is gone. She knows that she cannot leave New Orleans. She tells Keelin to go and to be happy because she cannot fight for her family if she is worried about her.

Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) goes to the town psychic who warns him that Hope Mikaelson will be the cause of the destruction of New Orleans. Klaus explains to Hope that something bad has happened to her mother but he needed her to leave New Orleans and return to school so that he knows she is safe, so he can focus on finding Haley and not on the curse. Marcel is celebrating with the vampires, the crescents, and the witches because they had all worked together on how to deal with Henry without having to kill him, however, a scream from outside brings the entire group to the street where young Henry who was just bricked up inside a wall, now hung from a post with his heart removed. And you thought your teenager caused a lot of drama.

In this episode, we got to see the younger Hope (Summer Fontana) who is an amazing actress which is awesome, and we get to see Klaus cry which always gets me in the feels. Now again Hope as a teenager, I kind of just want to shake her a little bit and scream “Are you kidding me?” and then I think “Thank God, my kids cannot put me in a sleeping spell and stick me in a coffin for a few days”. THEN I think “You know what that actually does not sound that bad.” Is there an application for the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted? Can my kids get one and can they major in “Put My Mom in Sleeping Spell”? Asking for a friend….