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The Mandalorian: A Star Wars Fan Favorite Returns!

The Mandalorian: A Star Wars Fan Favorite Returns!
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Recap: Chapter Fourteen, The Tragedy

Following the hype surrounding last week’s introduction of beloved Clone Wars character, Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), it seemed unlikely that The Mandalorian could follow-up with an episode as equally as satisfying as it’s predecessor.

Checking in at just 30 minutes, the fourteenth chapter does not disappoint, utilizing it’s every moment to propel the story forward amidst the return of a fan favorite and a sudden turn of tragic events.

If you haven’t yet watched the most current episode, be forewarned, the following recap will contain spoilers. For a quick refresher of how we got here, check out Crooked Llama’s recap of season one.

The Mandalorian: A Star Wars Fan Favorite Returns!
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

The Plot

The episode opens inside the Razor Crest with Din Djarin and Grogu (Baby Yoda) engaging in a mini Force lesson of catch-the-ball. The two share a touching moment before coming upon the planet Tython and the stone as foretold by Ahsoka Tano.

Unable to safely land the Razor Crest, Din and Grogu descend upon Tython via Din’s jetpack. Din encourages Grogu to try to communicate with the stone. Perched upon the stone, Grogu begins to meditate. At first, nothing appears to happen; however, before long a force field appears and surrounds Grogu.

Din and Grogu are not alone, as they have been tracked down by none other than longtime Star Wars favorite, Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison). Fett is on a mission to reclaim his father’s (Jango Fett) armor, which Din acquired earlier in the season. There’s not much time for a Mandalorian reunion as the two are interrupted by Imperial Stormtroopers and the return of Moff Gideon who makes a grand entrance by destroying the Razor Crest in a ball of flame.

In a tragic turn of events, Moff Gideon kidnaps (Baby Yoda-naps?) little Grogu and flees the plaent Tython.

Closing out the short episode we find Grogu yielding his Force powers to harm the Stormtroopers leading Moff Gideon to lord over the little guy with his Darksaber.

The Mandalorian: A Star Wars Fan Favorite Returns!
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm


“Chapter Fourteen: The Tragedy”, although significantly shorter than the previous installment, successfully manages it’s runtime to set the stage for an interesting second season penultimate episode and season finale. While not pleasant, it’s certainly interesting to find out what may happen now that Din and Grogu have been separated.

Be sure to check back in to Crooked Llama for more coverage of all things Star Wars and The Mandalorian.

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