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The Mandalorian: Season Two Finale

Published on December 18th, 2020 | Updated on December 18th, 2020 | By FanFest

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Recap: Chapter Sixteen, The Rescue

Believe it or not, the second season finale of The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+, meaning that the entire season is now available to binge in it’s entirety, and just in time for the Holiday season.

With this second outing, Favreau and team have delivered an intriguing story filled with thrills, humor, and mystery. Over the course of the season’s eight chapters, The Mandalorian has served up some major hype with the return of some longtime fan favorites. With the recent announcement of several spinoff series, we now know that we haven’t seen the last of them.

At this point it would be impossible to summarize the episode without revealing some major spoilers, so if you haven’t already, go watch “Chapter Sixteen: The Rescue” before continuing any further. For a quick refresher of all that occurred during the inaugural season, check out Crooked Llama’s recap of season one.

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Final Verdict

The Mandalorian took some risks with so many character reveals this season. It was a risky endeavor that toed the line between fanservice and universe building. This is an ever present dilemma when it has come to the Star Wars fanbase, with the constant question in play: how much is too much?

Arguably, there are sure to be those who are definitively unimpressed by the return of certain characters, making the point that the Star Wars universe has truly yet to explore the stories that exist beyond previous core characters. This is a valid argument, yet one that doesn’t plague other major franchises, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Why this concern seems to particularly apply to the Star Wars franchise seems to attribute itself for how precious the fanbase holds the original trilogy. Additionally, the MCU has yet to see the valleys and peaks in quality when compared to the quality that has been delivered in the many installments of the Star Wars franchise.

The stage has definitely been set for what is sure to be an exhilarating third season of The Mandalorian. With the return of (MAJOR SPOILER) Luke Skywalker, and his new involvement with Grogu, it’ll be interesting to see how their relationship develops and exactly how Mando will fit into all it.

We will have to wait until next holiday season for season three, until then, let the speculation and hype begin for it and all of the newly announced spinoff shows. Which brings me to this: watch the post credit scene. You will not be disappointed.

What are your thoughts about the season finale and the entire trajectory of season two overall? Are you excited or disappointed about the return of Luke Skywalker? What would you like to see happen in season three?

Be sure to check back in to Crooked Llama for more coverage of all things The Mandalorian and the ever expanding Star Wars universe.

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One thought on “The Mandalorian: Season Two Finale

  1. It was FANtastic to see Luke again, the way Lucasfilm shouldve continued with this character. Although the CGI face looked somewhat realistic, there were a few minor flaws when he was talking, but no matter, we’ll take it! We the fans were hoping to have had a look alike (Sebastian) play him, but like I said, we’ll take it! I honestly don’t think we’ll see Luke anymore unless it’s on a finale of the spinoffs. It’s too pricey for Disney to make Luke’s face.


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