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“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” to Return in 2019

Published on January 7th, 2019 | Updated on January 7th, 2019 | By FanFest

Perhaps an olive branch to fans who feel estranged, and perhaps a way to sell their product, Disney is bringing the wildly popular Clone Wars TV series back on it’s pay streaming service, Disney +, when it launches this fall, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Back in 2012, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was canceled, with a shortened sixth season unceremoniously dumped onto Netflix, shortly after Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm.  Disney’s goal was to revamp and revitalize the whole Star Wars universe, dumping existing books, comics, and, while it remained canon, the beloved Clone Wars cartoon.

With fans in an outrage, the House of Mouse switched gears and made cartoon series Rebels and Resistance, which, though well received, did not fill the hole left by the Clone Wars.

Let’s put this into perspective, shall we?  Ever since a line in the original Star Wars, later re-dubbed A New Hope, was dropped–“You served my father in the Clone Wars” a holographic Princess Leia Organa pleads with hermit-Jedi Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi–fans had been clamoring for Lucas to fill the gap.  What the heck were the CLONE WARS?  It sounded so outlandish, even for a movie with outer space wizards and laser swords.  For nearly 30 years, fans were desperate to get any information on the Clone Wars.  There was a–pardon the pun–new hope when the prequel trilogy began that audiences would finally get to see Jedi vs clones…but that was dashed when 2002’s Attack of the Clones turned out to be more of a prequel to the Wars themselves.  Just one year later a 15 minute-per-episode Cone Wars series helmed by noted animation whiz Genndy Tartakovsky hit the Cartoon Network, and whet fans appetites for an animated version of the story.  It wouldn’t be until 2008, however, that audiences would be given the full-length, canonical series that today is still the most beloved Star Wars prequel, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

So fans had been waiting nearly 30 years for George Lucas to fill in the gaps and bring the Clone Wars from their collective imaginations and put it on-screen.  Then it was taken away, by a company that not everyone (this author not included) was pleased was now holding the reins of their favorite franchise.

So, either way, olive branch or marketing strategy (knowing Disney, more likely a brilliant combination of the two), Clone Wars is returning in the fall of this year.  No further dates, or details, have been provided.  May the Force be with our collective wallets.


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