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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Running to Stand Still’


The Flash Recap ‘Running to Stand Still’

The mid-season finale of The Flash was very different from last year’s crazy ride learning who the Reverse Flash was. This episode was very emotion-driven and we saw a lot of really great performances from Joe, Iris, Barry, and Patty.

Weather Wizard breaks Captain Cold and Trickster out of prison so they can team up and kill the Flash. Cold has other plans and instead warns Barry of the coming attack before disappearing for the remainder of the episode. I honestly was expecting him to show up during the final fight with Trickster and Weather Wizard and aid Barry, but that didn’t happen. Cold is slated to appear in Legends of Tomorrow as a hero of sorts and though they hinted at it, I was thinking that they might show his shift throughout the episode. I guess him warning Barry is as close as we’ll get.

Now that he has returned to Central City, Patty is determined to track him down and get her revenge (I kind of forgot that he had killed her dad). She opens up to the Flash about what she is feeling after he saves them from some C-4 dreidels (he can fly now). Later, after the final showdown, she shows up and shoots Flash with this ring thing that attaches around his leg and then tethers him to the ground. I feel like that was a very important thing that should be remembered for the future because he was unable to move. I bet it comes back. Anyway, Flash manages to talk her down and I really thought that he was going to reveal his identity to her right then and there because it felt like that would be the only way to stop her. If Weather Wizard and Trickster hadn’t been conscious, I bet he would have.

Joe continues to break all of our hearts, and this week it is because he learns of the existence of his son (we never really had confirmation that it is his kid, but for now, they believe that it is). Iris finally breaks down and tells him after first conferring with Barry. It was really nice to see Barry and Iris’ friendship shine this week. It has been greatly missed. Then, at the end of the episode, Wally West shows up on their doorstep. He only had like three lines and was there for a minute, but Wally is here! It will be interesting to see how his arrival changes the dynamic of the show. Is Joe going to be there less for Barry now? Does Wally have powers? Is he going to get powers? We’ll see.

A heartbreaking moment that you don’t realize is heartbreaking until the end comes between Barry and Harry. The episode starts with Zoom chasing Harry through S.T.A.R. Labs. He doesn’t kill him and we get a hint that Harry was offered some sort of deal. At the end, Harry reveals Zoom’s ultimate plan. Zoom is “fattening” Barry up with the Speed Force so that there is more power for him to steal (I knew there was a reason he didn’t just expose Barry a couple of episodes ago; he still needs him). In exchange for his daughter, Harry will continue to help Barry get stronger and set him up for Zoom. Boo, Harry! The ultimate heartbreak comes after the fact. A couple of scenes earlier, Barry is watching Harry work and imagines that he is Harrison and forgives him for everything that he did. Barry realized that he can’t hold on to that hate because it will eat him up and never be happy, just like Eobard/Harrison told him. But it’s happened again! Barry will once more be betrayed by a Harrison, who is slowly getting the trust of the entire team. Hopefully, Harry will tell them the truth, but I don’t know if that will happen. Zoom is probably going to keep a close eye on his investment.

We still don’t know the identity of Zoom. I know people are frustrated by this, and if there isn’t some clue soon, fans will get restless. I bet we get a reveal before the characters figure out who it is, and I do hope that this happens in the next couple of episodes. For now, we’ll just have to speculate. Some of my favorite theories, that are totally plausible, are Henry Allen, Eddie Thawne, or Joe West is under the mask. I still have my outlandish theory that it’s Cisco, but there’s like a .5% chance I’m right.

The next episode is scheduled for January 19 and there isn’t a title yet. From the promo, it looks pretty intense and is filled with Zoom.

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