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‘The Flash’ Preview ‘Enter Zoom’

Published on November 5th, 2015 | Updated on May 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Flash Preview ‘Enter Zoom’

Oh man, this sounds like a terrible idea.

In the next episode of The Flash, Barry and crew decide to use Linda to draw Zoom into their world. That is, they’re going to turn Linda-1 into the Dr. Light that Zoom knows. She will pretend that she killed Flash and get Zoom to come through the breach.

From the preview, we see that the plan eventually works and Zoom comes face-to-face with Linda, and I bet he sniffs out that she is an imposter. Hopefully, Team Flash will act in time. Barry doesn’t need another death on his hands, especially someone he cares about.

On a side note, Zoom’s costume is totally sick. I love it.

This week, we saw the release of the poster for the Arrow/Flash crossover episode, which is set to air the episode before the mid-season finale.

Unlike last year’s event, these episodes will be a two-part story, and will be the launching point for the new series DC’s Legends
of Tomorrow
, so we should expect to see the introduction of time traveler Rip Hunter and big baddie Vandal Savage.

In The Flash world before the episode, we should see the triumphant return of Firestorm 2.0, Kendra Saunders revealing herself as Hawkgirl, and Captain Cold and Heat Wave’s “come to the light” moment. The Zoom plot might take a backseat soon so that Legends of Tomorrow can be born, but I am incredibly excited for this series. I’m sure it’s going to be worth it and totally awesome.

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