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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Gorilla Warfare’

The Flash Recap ‘Gorilla Warfare’

This episode sees the return of Grodd, our super intelligent ape friend. Now that Wells is gone, Grodd is acting on his own and wants more apes just like him so that he doesn’t have to be alone. Grodd mind controls Caitlin (anyone else notice the nod to King Kong in Caitlin’s attire?) so she will help him create more intelligent apes. With Barry out of commission, it is up to Cisco and Harry to save Caitlin and stop Grodd.

It was good to see the team being more accepting of Harry. He was about to pack up and head back to Earth-2, but Caitlin
gave one of her famous pep talks and he decided not to go. They now have a new plan to stop Zoom, which includes closing all of the breaches except the on in S.T.A.R. Labs. This will get Zoom to appear right where they want him. On a side note, it was awesome to see Harry in the Reverse Flash suit.

This episode, Barry is dealing with his failure against Zoom and the fact that Central City saw him so vulnerable and at the
mercy of the villain. This has created a wall that Barry can’t seem to overcome and therefore can’t get his speed back. They try a Joe heart-to-heart, but Barry won’t even let him speak. So Iris calls in Henry, and it was good to have Papa Allen back. I wish he would stay and be a permanent member of Team Flash, but I understand his reasoning. Barry finally breaks through that wall, and the team sends Grodd through a breach to Earth-2 where he will be with apes that are like him. But this will come back to bite them later on because now Grodd has found his army.

This episode wasn’t heavy on the action. The creators probably wanted to give us a bit of a break following the ridiculousness that was the previous episode. We are also gearing up for the crossover next week. This episode, we got our first glimpse of Hawkgirl and it was awesome. Cisco trying to figure out what his vibe off of Kendra meant was funny (maybe an angel?). I can’t wait to see a fully realized Hawkgirl (and man) next week. It’s going to be epic.

Barry and Patty (Batty) had some problems this week. He was lying to her about being sick and even turned down some
homemade chicken noodle soup. Anyone else yell at the TV when Joe said he was taking Barry some homemade soup? I did. In the end, Barry goes and apologizes to Patty and she says she knew he wasn’t sick. I still think that she is slowly putting the pieces together. The Flash just got publicly destroyed and disappears for a couple days at the same time Barry gets sick and starts acting weird? She’s smart enough to put two and two together. We’ll see.

This episode had the underlying theme of fathers. We saw Henry and Barry and Grodd and Harry. Then, at the end, Joe is talking to Iris about how it would be if Barry was his real son. Then there’s the shot of Iris contemplating if she should tell Joe that he does have a son (or at least that she has a real brother; we still don’t know if Joe is actually the father). I have been waiting for Wally all season, but I guess we’ll just have to wait some more. I believe that the midseason finale is a Christmas-themed episode, so we might see Wally show up for the holidays.

The next episode is entitled “Legends of Today” and it is part of the Arrow/The Flash crossover event. Im so excited! It airs
on December 1st.

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