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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Into the Speed Force’

The Flash Recap ‘Into the Speed Force’

Barry is determined to save Wally, so he travels into the Speed Force in order to bring him out. However, the Speed Force is unhappy with Barry. The last time Barry was inside, he was powerless and had to come to terms with the death of his mother in order to regain his speed. The Speed Force is angry at Barry because he lied. He got his speed back and then changed the past by saving his mother. Barry created the prison where Wally now resides.

The Speed Force takes the shape of people who sacrificed themselves as a result of Barry. First Barry sees Eddie, who tells him how he has upset the Speed Force. Next, he finds Ronnie and Caitlin, who have had a child together. Ronnie tells Barry that he can’t keep letting other people sacrifice themselves and make up for his mistakes. Barry then gets into a fight with Hunter Zolomon, now the Black Flash, and barely manages to escape.

Barry finds Wally trapped inside a hospital room where he is being forced to relive the final moments with his mother. Barry is going to try and get him out when Leonard Snart appears to stop him. Barry is saved by Jay Garrick. Together, they free Wally, but the prison has to have an occupant. Jay stays behind in order for Wally to go free. Once more, someone has sacrificed themselves for Barry. He promises Jay that he will be back to save him.

Meanwhile, Team Flash is busy analyzing the shard of Savitar that they pulled out of Barry last week. They determine that it is not a metal, but an entity. It is a part of his suit and is trying to get back to its owner. Jesse decides to take matters into her own hands and track down Savitar. H.R. interferes, but she knocks him out and runs off. She comes face-to-face with the evil speedster and he says that he has big plans for her. H.R. comes to and talks her through the battle she now faces. He figures out that there may be some flesh underneath the suit. Jesse uses the shard to stab Savitar, and then gets away.

Barry and Wally return. Jesse and H.R. tell them about how Savitar is not a god at all. He is human underneath that suit. Team Flash seems to have come out on top this week. Jesse has decided to leave. She tells Wally that she has to go because Savitar has plans for her. She doesn’t want to become a liability. Jesse and Wally say “I love you” to each other and then she heads to protect Earth-3 now that Jay is in the Speed Force.

Barry and Iris have a deep discussion to wrap up the episode. Iris says that she understands why Barry proposed and that she does want to marry him. The engagement seems to be back on, but then Barry fully confesses. He did propose in hopes of changing the future. He has since realized that he can’t keep fighting the inevitable. The Speed Force taught him that he has to face the problem head on and can’t keep relying on others to bail him out. Barry breaks off their relationship, saying that they need space.

This was an incredibly emotional episode with the return of Eddie, Ronnie, and Leonard (all are greatly missed). Grant Gustin delivered this week. I also really enjoyed the scenes between Jesse and H.R. I can’t help but feel he was trying to protect her because he wanted to make up for his failings with Wally.

It will be interesting to see how the team moves forward. Now that Barry has decided to stop interfering in the events leading up to Iris’ death, I have a feeling Caitlin is going to become a focus as she is supposed to fully become Killer Frost. I’m intrigued how that one is going to play out. Unless they will use Caitlin as Killer Frost to get close to Savitar and expose his weaknesses.

Next week’s episode is the musical crossover with Supergirl and is entitled ‘Duet.’

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