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The First Trailer for ‘My Friend Dahmer’ is Here

When news broke that ‘My Friend Dahmer’ was being turned into a film and the star was none other than Disney’s Ross Lynch, public interest was peaked. The cult classic by the same name was written by a class mate of Dahmer’s and discusses who he was in high school.

The team was allowed to shoot at Dahmer’s home and various parts of his hometown. The on location filming plus inside information into the months that led into his first kill serve to create an incredibly eerie and disturbing tale of a once ‘class clown’ turned serial killer.

While Derf Backderf admits that he didn’t reach out to Dahmer after he learned of his crimes, that information is already well known. It’s been discussed and dissected – the way he killed and the motives behind it. What has been largely unknown, outside of ‘My Friend Dahmer’ is who he was before.

You get a glimpse into that in the teaser below.

Ross Lynch seems to play the role flawlessly which will definitely set him apart as an actor, and when the film hits theaters we’re sure it’ll draw large audiences in. If you’ve not yet read the graphic novel, you still have time to get a firsthand look at the story before it makes its on screen debut later this year.

‘Jeff’s a little off, ya know?’
‘I think he’s kind of hilarious.’