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The Bucket List Family is Taking on 30 in 30 at Walt Disney World

Almost everyone has the idea of the perfect Disney dream vacation in their heads and it has to do, in large, with believing in magic. The idea of being in a place surrounded by the films and characters that shaped childhood for a lot of us is truly special. There’s no place other than Disney World that holds that kind of power.

Now, while Disney is a magical place, most families find that they do best with one to two weeks at the parks and resort. That way, there are opportunities to devote time to the parks, to the pool, to Disney Springs, and to taking advantage of all the awesome restaurants.

One family is experiencing their ultimate Disney dream vacation right now, and it’s not exactly in the way you might expect. The ‘Bucketlist Family’ sold their belongings to travel the world and share their experiences on social media. They quickly earned a large following and when they announced their Disney experience just days ago, it gained a lot of interest.

They’re spending 30 days at Disney and each day will take them to a new resort. Yep, they’ll have access to all of the Disney magic but they’ll also be experiencing it in the midst of relocating each morning.

Now, last time we stayed at Disney, we stayed at one resort for two days and another for five, and we were a bit stressed about that change. Imagine a new room each day, do you think you could do it?

If you’re curious as to how they’ll make it work, you can keep up with their social media profiles and turn on their notifications for Instagram, they’ve got some ways you can get interactive with them coming up soon.