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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Vcr Illumination”

Now that asymmetry has been disproved, Sheldon is upset and everyone has to walk on eggshells around him. Although, what else is new, it’s Sheldon.

Sheldon begins reevaluating every decision he ever made because he was so sure they were on to something. He still hates jazz and tea. Amy is starting to worry because what if he rethinks her? Leonard tells her that Sheldon once gave him a Vcr of himself to use in case of an emergency.

'The Big Bang Theory' Recap "The Vcr Illumination"

Howard is the only one who still has a Vcr. Howard makes sure his Vcr player works with a tape of a magic act. Bernadette says he sounds like he still wants to do magic and encourages him to pick it back up. She even helps him practice. He appreciates her help, but he wants to do it his own way.

Amy and Sheldon begin to watch the video of himself from when he was 9 but they’re interrupted by a football game. His father taped over it. He’s still upset, so Leonard and Penny call Leonard’s mom for help. She suggests that they help him through the grief process. They plan a Viking funeral for the theory, in the bathtub with a match and Yoohoo.

Amy watches the rest of the tape and it turns out that Sheldon’s father gave a heartfelt pep talk that helps Sheldon realize that the game is not over, it’s just halftime.

Howard auditions at the Magic Castle and it doesn’t go quite as well as hoped.

'The Big Bang Theory' Recap "The Vcr Illumination"

This episode was cute, and I loved how Sheldon’s father helped him out in the end. We’ve heard so much about how much of a father George wasn’t, so it was wonderful to see the other side of him. In Young Sheldon, he’s a wonderful father and I am glad we got to see that here. The crossover was unexpected, although I would’ve like younger Sheldon’s role to have been bigger.