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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Meemaw Materialization’

Sheldon gets a letter from his Meemaw. She is coming to visit!

Sheldon and Leonard go to pick up his Meemaw from the airport and

Sheldon uses his iPhone to track her. Only he can call her Meemaw, we are to call her Constance.

Constance meets Amy and makes a comment about her being in Sheldon’s spot. Thinking that he’s going to get presents, Sheldon goes
to look through Meemaw’s luggage.

When Sheldon leaves, Constance goes from sweet, little Meemaw to badass body guard. She’s here to make sure Amy is good enough
for her little “Moon Pie”.

Raj and Howard are arguing about Frozen when a girl, Claire, chimes in saying that it sucks. Claire is looking for inspiration for a movie she is writing: Animated sci-fi for kids. She gives Raj her number when she finds out he is an Astrophysicist. Howard reminds Raj that he has a

Meemaw is my kind of girl! Whiskey- a lot and in a glass! It is clear that she doesn’t like Amy, she said it to her face. She would prefer if Amy devoted her time to taking care of Sheldon.

As Amy is about to storm out, Meemaw brings up the engagement ring, prompting Amy to stay.

Apparently Sheldon’s mother gave it to him and he was going to give it to Amy but then they broke up. Meemaw doesn’t want Sheldon to give Amy her ring.

Raj asks Bernadette for advice about his situation and Bernadette and she says that if he is just helping her out, he is fine. When Raj is concerned that Emily isn’t the girl for him, Bernadette explains that early on in her relationship with Howard, she had some

reservations about whether or not it will last. Raj decides to call Claire to tell her that he has a girlfriend. She doesn’t care because she
doesn’t want to date him; she just wants help with her screenplay.

Claire talks him into still meeting with her and Raj is (hopefully) going to tell Emily.

Meemaw and Amy cease fighting for Meemaw to explain that when she broke up with Sheldon, it broke his heart. Sheldon comes in to defend Amy and Meemaw agrees to back down. But Sheldon isn’t giving Amy the ring yet.

“I just gave you my virginity woman, cool your jets.”-Sheldon.

While helping Claire, Raj daydreams that they are married with children. He still hasn’t told Emily.

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