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“The Big Bang Theory” Recap “The Line Substitution Solution”

Sheldon and Penny are quizzing each other during breakfast. She tests him on celebrities while he tests her on science terms. Leonard joins in to ask Penny to go with him to pick his mother up from the airport. And then leave him home.

At the comic book store, Raj says that Joss Whedon is having an “Avengers” screening but none of them can go because Amy is making
Sheldon go shopping with her. The boys immediately argue that they are allowed to have fun without him. Howard mentions that there are people who get paid to stand in lines and run errands for other people. This gives Sheldon an idea.

Penny picks up Leonard’s mom from the airport and she immediately asks about her son’s sex life. They didn’t even make it out of the parking lot. Seeing that Penny wants to make a connection with her as family, Beverly agrees to not psychoanalyze everything Penny says.

Sheldon decides to hire Stuart to go shopping with Amy and she is not happy. Sheldon chose a line over her… So Amy hires Stuart to go
tell Sheldon off.

Amy and Beverly talk about Sheldon and Beverly defends Sheldon. They seems to bond more than Penny can. She’s getting a bit jealous and is desperate for Beverly to like her. Stuart arrives telling Amy that Sheldon is sorry. Amy gives Bernadette $5 to slam the door in his face.

Stuart goes back to the movie theater and tells Sheldon that the apology was not accepted. He offers to save his spot to get more of his money.

Beverly learns that Bernadette is a microbiologist and they immediately gush over a recent TED talk. Sheldon interrupts them to very quickly apologize to Amy. He makes his three part apology, Amy accepts and he jumps back into his Uber.

Beverly is fascinated by Sheldon and Amy’s dysfunctional relationship and wants to interview them. Bernadette tells her that Howard
was an astronaut and that he tends to interview himself while in the shower. Beverly offers to interview her and Howard as well. Bernadette mentions Penny and that sends Penny into a rant about how all she wanted was friendship but now she’ll accept not getting insulted to her face. Beverly notes an insult as not being invited to her son’s wedding. Penny suggests that while she’s still in town, her and Leonard have another small ceremony.

He makes it back to the line in time to relieve Stuart and sees a man cut in front of him and the guys to join a group in front of them. Sheldon begins making a scene… and he brings up Rosa Parks… this isn’t going to go well. No one is upset that the guy cut the line. A
woman from the back mentions that Sheldon cut earlier prompting him to explain the difference between “cuttsies” and “swapsies.”

The “cutter” is allowed into the movie much to Sheldon’s dislike. I hope they enjoyed the screening regardless of Sheldon and his desire to seek justice against the line cutter.

Back at the Wolowitz home, Bernadette overhears Howard interviewing himself while in the bathroom.

It was nice to see Stuart taking an initiative and being more than just the dopey guy in the background. He was funny and got to yell at Sheldon and it was great to see this side of him.

Next week is the finale. Are you ready for it? We’re going to meet Leonard’s dad!

Will we get to see another Penny/Leonard wedding ceremony? That would be adorable especially if Leonard’s dad is going to be here. Now would be a good time to introduce more of Penny’s family.

The season finale is next Thursday at 8 on CBS.

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