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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Confidence Erosion”

Penny, Bernadette (via skype) and Amy are having a girl’s night when Raj crashes it. He needs fashion advice for a job interview at the planetarium. He needs a lot of help.

Raj calls his father because the interview didn’t go very well. He says that Howard is part of the problem because Howard isn’t the best of friends.

He goes over to Penny and Leonard’s to talk about why the interview went poorly. Leonard agrees with Raj’s father but Penny thinks that Howard’s behavior is normal.

'The Big Bang Theory' Recap "The Confidence Erosion"

Shamy’s wedding planning is apparently going well. They each get to make decisions and use science to help.  They even use a spinning wheel to pick what decisions they each get to make.

The issues arises when Sheldon tries to mash his Star Wars theme with Amy’s Victorian theme. They begin to fight and the planning starts going south.

Sheldon and Amy decide to stop this pettiness because they will end up with a wedding they’ll both hate. So they decide to go to city hall to get married. They decide on the next day.

They get to city hall and Sheldon begins to have second thoughts. He wants a first dance and a party and a real wedding. He wants to do this right and they leave.

'The Big Bang Theory' Recap "The Confidence Erosion"

Raj confronts Howard about his behavior. Howard proceeds to make some jokes about Raj’s weight and Raj snaps. He thinks it would best for their friendship if they spent some time apart.

It turns out the time apart was good for Raj. He did get the job because he went back to the planetarium with some new found confidence.

Howard goes to the comic book store and Stuart helps him realize that he hasn’t been a great friend. He decides to go to Raj’s showing at the planetarium, but hides in the back.

The show goes extremely well, Raj is even asked to go on a coffee date.



This episode was interesting. It was awesome to see Raj finally acknowledge that Howard is mean to him, albeit it took some convincing, and for him to finally stand up for himself. I do hope they make up soon. I am also so happy to see Shamy not go through with the impromptu wedding because Penny and Leonard already did that. Plus it didn’t fit their personality as a couple.


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