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‘The Big Bang Theory’ adds Guest Stars Walton Goggins and Beth Behrs

The Big Bang Theory returns for the second half of season 11, it brings new guest stars with it. These new guests will bring a bout of trouble for our beloved Raj Koothrappali played by Kunal Nayyar.

Walton Goggins (Justified, Vice Principals) and Beth Behrs(2 Broke Girls) will be appearing later in the season.

'The Big Bang Theory' adds Guest Stars Walton Goggins and Beth Behrs
Beth Behrs

Behrs will play Nell, a newly separated school teacher who becomes involved with Raj.

'The Big Bang Theory' adds Guest Stars Walton Goggins and Beth Behrs
Walton Goggins

Goggins will play Nell’s husband, Oliver, who is not okay with Raj and Nell’s relationship.

So far this season, Raj has been trying to pick himself back up after giving up his family fortune. He has learned a lot and has really become his own man. This lifestyle change Raj is facing has given him a surge of confidence. The show’s new showrunner, Steve Holland commented on this change by saying that “The reason to do a journey like that is to have it affect and change the character a bit, and that change is going to affect his dating life as well.”

Hopefully, things will look up for Raj seeing as he is the last in the group to find love. Howard found Bernadette, Sheldon found Amy and Penny and Leonard finally together for good. We can’t leave Raj in the dust. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out with the guest stars.

Behrs and Goggins will appear in the January 18th episode.

The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS January 4.


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