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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Part 2 Preview

Teen Wolf Season 5 Part 2 Preview

It looks like we are in for a crazy ten episodes.

Following on the heels of season 5A, Scott is alone. He and Stiles have had an argument and break-up; Lydia is in Eichon House in a lobotomized state; Malia has disappeared; Liam almost killed Scott; and Kira was taken away by her parents. From the preview, we see that they are all back, but the pack is still dissolved. There is a new threat that joins Theo and the Dread Doctors, and it appears to be to be another super wolf. Scott needs the others in order to survive so this season will be all about reconciliation.

I am most looking forward to the mending of the relationships between everyone. Scott has always heavily relied on his team, especially Stiles. There’s going to be a lot of emotional moments in the coming episodes, and it will be great to see the actors tackle these scenes.

I am also really excited for the return of Chris Argent. I love his character and can’t wait to see him kick some chimera and Dread Doctor butt. I bet that his return is what signals that there is something else coming to Beacon Hills since he is all about taking down supernatural threats.

Since the danger factor seems to be at an all-time high this season, I think that we will see the death of a major character. It has been a while since we’ve lost someone major, and it would definitely raise the stakes for everyone else. My hope is that it’s not Stiles or Lydia. They are, in my opinion, the two best characters on the show, and it would be a great loss if one of them kicked the bucket. Don’t get me wrong, I love Scott too, I just think that Lydia and Stiles’ character growth over the past five seasons makes them incredibly interesting. Now, of those two, Stiles’ death would definitely have the biggest impact. I just hope the writers don’t deem it necessary for him to exit the show (especially since Dylan O’Brien is busy doing the Maze Runner movies).

Teen Wolf returns Tuesday, January 5, on MTV. The season premier is entitled “The Last Chimera.”

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