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‘Teen Wolf’ Preview ‘Lie Ability’

Teen Wolf Preview ‘Lie Ability’

Eichen House is on lockdown with Team Wolf trapped inside.


Last time we saw everyone, they were being super-charged by Scott’s howl, and it was awesome, but unfortunately, he and Liam can’t get through the mountain ash barrier. So that leaves Stiles alone against Theo’s crew and Dr. Valack. From the promo, it looks like Valack gets away and takes Lydia with him so he can continue to run his gross experiments. I can’t wait until we get a bandage on Lydia’s wound because it gets more and more gross each episode (well done, make-up crew).

Theo once more offers to help Scott get Lydia. He claims that he is the only one that can track her. Hopefully, they don’t believe him and instead trust Parrish, who looks totally awesome as the Hellhound, to find her. Valack should be scared of those that are coming after him, but I’m sure he has things in place to keep the supernatural out.

Which is why Stiles appears to be the only one to get close to Lydia, but even then he can’t get to her because the door is bolted. Lydia is losing control and that will only result in her dying and taking everyone else with her. Stiles is desperately on the other side trying to get through and calm her down.

The preview episode was fantastic and I think this one will continue with that same momentum. I’m really afraid that
someone won’t leave Eichen alive.

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