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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘The Beast of Beacon Hills’

Teen Wolf Recap ‘The Beast of Beacon Hills’

The Dread Doctors have Mason. Cory wasn’t able to keep him safe and now the Dread Doctor will jump start the Valet within. Cory goes to Scott and Team Wolf races against time to find Mason.

Meanwhile, Theo has the fourth Dread Doctor mask. He tries to convince Josh to put it on because the mask has strong electrical currents and Josh will be able to handle that. Josh refuses so Theo takes Deucalion’s advice and steals Josh’s power. He then puts on the mask, but doesn’t see Mason. Theo sees Sebastian Valet.

Scott and Liam track Mason and end up joining forces with Theo. They locate the Dread Doctors’ lair, but arrive too late. The Doctors hooked Mason up to some machine that helped the Beast part remember its true identity. When Mason turns, he easily kills two of the Doctors and drags the third outside.

The rest of Team Wolf have their own tasks. Lydia and Stiles are at the police station waiting for any sign of Mason, while Braeden and Malia are at the house. Unfortunately, the Desert Wolf and Tracy show up. I’m afraid that the Desert Wolf is going to use Malia to get to Stiles and then kill him. The end of the episode finds Malia, Tracy, and the Desert Wolf trapped inside the house by Mountain Ash.

Kira has asked for her sword back, but, since they destroyed it, she has to first get help reforging it. In order to do that, she needs the Skinwalkers. Kira leaves, promising to return, and goes to them. Hopefully, she’ll return in time for the final showdown, but I think that she is going to come back changed. The Skinwalkers demand something in return for their help, so I think Kira will give herself to them.

In the final scene, Scott and Liam pursue the Beast. The Argents show up and blast the monster. He transforms back into a human, but he is Sebastian now. Parrish then comes out of nowhere (Lydia convinced him not to leave), and Sebastian runs off. Poor Mason. He is gone, but I know that Scott and Liam are going to try their hardest to figure out how to save their friend.

The next episode is the season finale and I’m really afraid for all members of Team Wolf. Someone is probably going to die.

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