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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘Radio Silence’

Teen Wolf Recap ‘Radio Silence’

We open in a train station where Stiles is waiting on a bench. He is holding the keys to his car and when he asks the people sitting next to him a series of questions about how they got there, none of them can really provide an answer. Suddenly, they hear the wind howling and the sound of horses. The Riders appear. They start whipping people out of the way. Stiles is pulled out of their path by none other than Peter Hale.

Stiles asks Peter what he is doing, and he says waiting on his train. But then he slowly starts to remember what happened to him before arriving at the station. He was in his cell in Eichen House when Team Wolf broke Lydia out last season. During the brown out, he was able to escape. Once outside, he was taken by the Riders. Interesting that their “first” appearance was three months ago. Stiles and Peter decide to figure out how to get out when they meet up with someone else who has caught on to their situation (I think his name was Trent).

They realize that the entire station is an illusion and manage to pass through a wall and get to another platform. That’s where they discover the Riders’ entry and exit point. Trent thinks that if he jumps on the back of one of the horses, he’ll be able to get out with the Riders. This doesn’t work as Trent can’t pass through the barrier. He dissolves into green nothingness. Stiles and Peter return to the main platform, defeated.

Back in the real world, Lydia is in class, aimlessly looking out the window when she sees that a Jeep is about to be towed. She and Scott run out and pay the guy off. Lydia believes that the Jeep may have some connection to Stiles, but they don’t have a way into the car. Scott breaks a window and they search the glove box. Lydia finds the Jeep’s paperwork, but there is no name, just an address. This leads her to the Stilinski’s house. Claudia tells Lydia that the car was stolen eighteen years ago and that she needs to stop searching for this Stiles person.

In the station, a voice keeps coming over the intercom, telling them that certain stops have been cancelled right before the Riders appear. Stiles traces the wiring to a room and thinks that he might be able to use the radio in order to contact someone. Peter doesn’t believe that’s possible. Stiles messes with the radio, but it seems like nothing happened. However, in Beacon Hills, Scott, Lydia, and Malia are drawn to the car where there’s a HAM radio emitting a frequency. Unfortunately, Stiles is forced to stop once the Riders appear.

Peter realizes that they are in a way station. The Riders are never going to stop and will continue to deposit more people in the station. Their most recent appears brings Gwen. Peter is determined to get out and is convinced that he can get through the barrier because he is a werewolf. Stiles and Peter go to the other platform. Peter jumps onto one of the horses and passes through. He appears in the woods, but it badly burned. Peter lets out a loud howl, alerting Scott and Malia. They come across his body and Malia remembers him as her father. Scott still has no idea who he is, but then it suddenly comes back to him. They try and take away a bit of his pain, and that it when Malia realizes that he is holding something: The keys to the Jeep.

Scott and Lydia are in the Jeep and manage to get it running. Lydia knows that it must belong to Stiles. The radio then comes back on and they hear a voice. Stiles talks to them and it is an incredibly emotional moment. He asks Lydia what the last thing he said to her was and she says, “Remember that I love you.” Stiles tells them that they need to search for Canaan. It is one of the names on the board in the station. If they can find that, they may be able to save him.

This was such a good episode. I’m so glad to have Stiles back on the screen. Hopefully he’ll have a couple of scenes every episode.

I so want to know what Claudia is about. Why is she there? And she seems really annoyed that Lydia keeps digging. I’m sure it would be rough to have some girl show up and tear apart your wallpaper and stuff, but there’s more to it. I just want to know what the connection is.

The Riders seem to be spending a lot of time in Beacon Hills and naturally that is something else I want to know. Originally, it seemed like they had only recently shown up, but since they took Peter three months prior, they’ve been here even longer. Who else could they have taken? And why?

One more episode of Teen Wolf before the show takes a week break for the holidays. Hopefully, we’ll continue to get answers.

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