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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap ‘A Credible Threat’

Teen Wolf Recap ‘A Credible Threat’

Not another two-parter!

Team Wolf is all back together and now they can focus on bringing down the Beast. The episode begins with Parrish instructing Papa Argent to follow him when he transforms into the Hellhound. Papa alerts Scott, Stiles, and Liam when Parrish is on the move and they all end up at school where the Beast has slaughtered a school bus full of kids. The Hellhound takes off after the Beast and they disappear into the night.

Mason and Cody are talking when Mason is struck by an idea. He believes that the Dread Doctors are using broadcast signals to send messages to the Beast and trigger his transformation. Every time there has been an attack, there were massive transmitters nearby. And when is the next broadcast? The charity lacrosse game.

The Dread Doctors are trying to get the Beast to remember its true self and when that happens, the teenager will be gone for good, like literally replaced by the other being. The Dread Doctors could wait for the full moon to have the Beast get stronger, but they’re evil, so they want it as strong as possible as quickly as possible.

Team Wolf joins forces with Brett and Lori to try and figure out who the teenager is and stop the broadcast. They are able to determine the shoe size of the human form of the Beast, but that’s about it. Mason and Corey search the bus while Lori checks everyone in the stands. Meanwhile, Malia is sabotaging the news vans so they can’t transmit the Dread Doctors’ message, but the Desert Wolf shows up and interrupts her.

Kira is beginning to really lose herself. She keeps going Fox Mode and injures about half of the opposing lacrosse team. She gets herself kicked out of the game and Lori follows her to try and calm her a bit, but that doesn’t go over well and Kira attacks. Scott is forced to leave the game and interfere, which is a bad thing because of what happens later.

During all of this, Lydia takes a badly wounded Parrish to the Argents. They put him in a chamber and force him to become the Hellhound. Lydia speaks to him and he responds that Parrish is dead. The real Parrish died when he, the Hellhound (or Cerberus), awoke. Parrish’s body is just a vessel. Side note, I love that they connected the Hellhound’s awakening to Scott, Stiles, and Allison’s sacrifice back in Season 3. Lydia convinces the Hellhound to remember and embrace the Parrish side. When he steps out of the chamber, he says that he has to leave. Great. Not quite what we wanted to happen.

The episode ends with everything going wrong for Team Wolf once again. The Desert Wolf succeeded in distracting Malia long enough for one of the news vans to fix their transmitter and the Dread Doctors’ signal goes out. The Beast appears. Liam tries to intercept it, and I assume it doesn’t go well. We don’t get to see what happens, but the Beast gets into the school where Scott, Kira, and Lori are. This is not going to end well.

The next episode is titled “The Maid of Gèvaudan.”

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