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‘The Gifted’ Fall Premiere Date Announced

Back in May, Fox released an extra-long trailer for The Gifted TV series. The series is a part of the well-known Marvel X-Men franchise. Fox has officially released a date for the upcoming series.   To give a short sketch, The Gifted was announced in its first stages last year. This was when the masterminds behind the X-Men franchise wanted to take it further on the smaller screen. Luckily for us, the pilot got a green light from Fox back in January. Filming began pretty fast, as they began production...

Olivia Munn Reveals Her Intense X-Men Health Regime

Olivia Munn revealed to Women's Health during her covershoot that she undertook an intense fitness and health regime while filming X-Men: The Apocalypse Thursday. When fans noticed that Munn looked like she had lost weight rapidly, they thought she may have been doing it an unhealthy way, but Munn confirmed that the weight loss was simply due to healthy eating and exercise. “My intention was to just get as fit and as healthy as I could be, for myself, By the time I was finished , I was 12 pounds less than...
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