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X-Men Apocalypse: Oscar Isaac on playing a super-villain

The world officially fell in love with Oscar Isaac as charismatic rebel fighter pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force AwakensNow he is taking planning a bigger, badder role in X-Men:Apocalypse. 

He plays the villain, Apocalypse, an ancient mutant with godlike powers who wants to destroy the world. So what motivates him to go after the X-Men.

“He awakes to find the world in the hands of people that he finds inferior. It angers him that the world is ruled by weak individuals, and he sets out to wipe the slate clean, putting himself at the center of all power. He views himself as a god, but there’s also a very Darwinian mind – he wants the strong to evolve as he has no time for anything he deems to be less powerful. It’s a very fun character to play, because of the large aspect of the character, but also because there were many facets to him. He wants all this power, but to do that he needs help, he needs followers. So there also has to be his charismatic side to him which is very interesting.”- Isaac.

Isaac was a fan of the franchise before signing on to the movie and says he was planning on seeing the film whether he was in it or not. If he does watch it, he might not recognize himself.

“To spend so much time under all of that [makeup] can be trying, but there was a cooling system to make sure I didn’t overheat, and I worked on staying relaxed because you’ve got to perform for long hours.”- Isaac.

Isaac has been a part of smaller, darker productions in the past. Obviously blockbuster hits like this are different from those.

“There are differences in the amount of time there is [to prepare and shoot], but your approach should never change. I try to be involved with films that interest me, so the size of the movie shouldn’t affect that. Still, it must be a difficult choice sometimes – a smaller film that might be artistically superior or a blockbuster that many more people will see. Yes – but if more people see it and it’s not good, then what’s the point? As an actor I try to focus on the part, regardless of whether it has a high profile or not.”- Isaac.

Even the feel of a blockbuster is different. X-Men is the second franchise Isaac has been a part of.

“It was very humbling. Like everyone else, I loved the movies growing up and going through the whole experience – not being able to tell anyone about it at first, then seeing people’s reactions to the trailers and now the film – has been amazing to be a part of.”- Isaac.


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