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New X-Mean Apocalypse Trailer and More

Published on March 17th, 2016 | Updated on March 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

Well what an unexpected
Saint Patrick’s Day treat that was fellow
Geeklings! I had no idea that
there would be a new X-Men:

Apocalypse trailer dropping today so you can imagine my surprise when I

went on Facebook and saw it
in my feed. As a matter of fact it went a little
something like this-

(actually it didn’t
go anything like that I just

wanted to use this gif). For those of you who had to do the work thing all
and didn’t get a moment
to sneak away to the bathroom and watch (not saying
that’s what I did but
I’m also not saying I didn’t not
do that…huh?) allow


Right?! How awesome does

look?! I’m not even sure where to begin. Let’s hit a couple of quick
points shall

  • I liked that they gave us a little more of the
    of Apocalypse here. He looked
    like he was a bit of regular looking dude
    before he became the Blue
  • After the last
    opened with Jean Grey she kind of took the backseat here, but plenty
    of awesome
    Cyclops action to
    go around.
  • How dope do the Horsemen look?
    especially (you can almost hear those
    fanboy crushes blossoming)! At
    first I had doubts about Magneto being a
    Horsemen but he appears so broken and

    dejected that it seems it wouldn’t take much from Apocalypse to persuade
    him to

  • Looks like we’re going to get plenty of Quicksilver which
    sense considering how well
    received he was after Days of Futures
  • Both
    the stakes and the action seem
    to be high which
    makes me wonder are all our favorite mutants going to
    survive this one? It
    almost seems
    illogical doesn’t it?

Today’s trailer was not
the only
Apocalypse news though. Over in the
world of comics (you know the place
where these characters originated from)
saw Marvel begin it’s three
month long
X-Men/Apocalypse crossover. While the issue was “meh” the
revealing of the new
Horsemen was a
bit of a shock. Careful here come S P O I L E R
Extraordinary X-Men



this group of Horsemen come from the
future they
still make for a great WTF moment at the end of the issue.
Colossus, Deadpool,
Venom, and
Moon Knight are making up Apocalypses new gang and it’s got my
Based on the success of
Deadpool is it a surprise to see him
and Colossus paired up here?
No, probably not, but Deadpool is
certainly wearing
a kind of perplexed face. It’s almost like he doesn’t
believe he’s a Horsemen

either. When it comes to Venom we have to wonder who is wearing the suit or

better yet who is the suit
wearing. Currently Flash Thompson is Venom and he’s
hanging out with the
Guardians of the Galaxy. I find it
hard to believe that
this future version would still be Flash so one has to
wonder who the suit
itself to now. Moon Knight is the most curious to me. Again the future
line has to make us believe that
it’s someone new in the suit, and the
build of the character makes it seem
like maybe it could be a Lady
Moon Knight
(which would be all types of awesome). Could they do another
Jean Grey swerve
here like they
recently did with Xorn? As the next three months roll along I’m
sure we’ll
get the answers we’re looking

So, what did you think fellow
Geeklings? A day filled with X-Men
Let me know what you thought of the trailer in the comments. Do
you have even
higher hopes for
the film or are you a little nervous? What do you think of
these new
Horsemen? Or your Irish eyes smiling or
filed with tears?

Images from Marvel
and Fox. Trailer from


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