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‘Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington Is the Internet’s Newest Boyfriend

Remember how much of a douche Steve Harrington was in the first season of Stranger Things? Well, over the weekend, he became the Internet's (and our) boyfriend material. While binging the second season over the weekend, we couldn't help but root for him - especially when he was up against that mega douche Billy - while swooning over him at the same time. C'mon, how dreamy did he look this season with his perfect hair and wielding Lucille 2.o? Apparently, we are not alone in our crushing as social media...

Mark Hamill Makes Instagram Post for “Son” Sebastian Stan

© BuzzFeed A while back, the Internet decided that Mark Hamill and Sebastian Stan were celebrity lookalikes, the two of them affectionately and humorously referring to each other as father and son at red carpet events and on social media. After some time, the Internet seemed to quiet down on the topic; that is until Mark Hamill's latest Instagram post. Yesterday, the legendary Star Wars actor posted a photo of Sebastian at this year's Toronto International Film Festival alongside a photo of him in his younger days with the caption,...

Henry Cavill Visits DC Expo in Paris

Just because he plays the Man of Steel doesn't mean Henry Cavill is not an enthusiastic DC fan like the rest of us. Yesterday, Henry posted a collage of photos from his visit to the DC Exposition in Paris - where he's currently filming Mission Impossible 6 alongside Tom Cruise. The exhibit included statues of both Batman and Superman along with artwork featuring Green Lantern, leading some to believe he may be teasing Lantern's arrival in the DCEU or maybe even a cameo in Justice League. Check out the photos...

WATCH: Ross Marquand Takes On Hollywood’s Biggest Films With Celebrity Impressions

It's very well known that The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand is a master of celebrity impersonations but he has truly outdone himself this time! In a video posted on Esquire's Facebook page, the actor "recasts" some major hits like The Godfather, Jaws, and The Karate Kid using a wide variety of his celebrity impressions like James Gandolfini, Brad Pitt, and Marlon Brando. He even does a killer Michael Keaton Beetlejuice impression! Check them out along with the rest of his amazing impressions below! Which Ross impression is your favorite?...
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