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Kristen Bell Just Gave an Exciting Update on the Possibility of More ‘Veronica Mars’

First things first -  click play: Will we get more Veronica Mars? It's our favorite case to close and reopen, and it looks like Kristen Bell has just opened it once again. While Bell's Veronica Mars costar and close friend Ryan Hansen was doing a Facebook Live interview with IndieWire, he was asked about the possibility of the show returning after the success of its fan-funded 2014 film and decided to go straight to the source. He gave Bell a call and luckily for us, she answered! “ Rob and I are sort...
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20 Times Tumblr Understood Your ‘Supernatural’ Obsession

~ They really do have a GIF for everything ~ 1. First things first... 2. When they created the Misha Collins dollar challenge 3. And then this happened... 4. When they take over a post almost instantly 5. And are always the answer to life's important (?) questions 6. They have a gif for everything 7. Like Frozen  8. And pizza 9. And apples 10. And Okie Dokie 11. And password requirements 12. Literally, everything  13. And it is widely known and accepted by the Tumblr community 14. They understand you...
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