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‘Indiana Jones 5’ Release Date Pushed Back

If you were looking forward to watching Indiana Jones grace the big screen at some point next year, sorry to say you'll have to wait a little bit longer. It was announced this week that production on the upcoming fifth installment in the Indiana Jones film franchise has been delayed again. According to Variety, the film is still very much happening though this is the second time that its release has been pushed back The still-untitled Indiana Jones 5 will see the return of its titular character played once again...

Steven Spielberg isn’t on board with a Carls Jr. ‘Spielburger’

Steven Spielberg is likely celebrating right now. Ready Player One celebrates its early opening tonight and fans are already in theaters to see the film. With any new film comes promo, most often with the knowledge of all involved with the project. For Ready Player One, a restaurant decided to get in on the promo themselves and 'rename' their burger after Spielberg himself. When Carl's Jr. tried to create a pun using Spielberg's name, he shut that s*** down. Can anyone say that now without channeling their inner Negan? Anyway,...
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