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Fan Fest Exclusive Interview With Stuntman Buddy Sosthand

Recently, Fan Fest spoke with award-winning stuntman, Buddy Sosthand, about his role in the film industry. With titles such as The Amazing Spiderman and Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest under Sosthand’s belt, he’s gained quite a few memories while making these movies. Fan Fest: How did you begin in stunt work? What is the training process like? Buddy Sosthand: Before I became a Stunt Production assistant on Fear Factor, I worked on many music videos and commercials as a production assistant. That eventually led me to meeting a 1st AD who introduced me to...

Keira Knightly Returns in ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’

Keira Knightly Returns in Dead Men Tell No Tales Ever since it was announced that Orlando Bloom would reprise his role as Will Turner in the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, fans have wondered if Keira Knightly would also make her return to the franchise. And now we have our answer. In the international trailer, we spot the familiar face of Elizabeth Swann Turner. It's a single shot, but we'll take it. I'm really excited that both Will and Elizabeth will be back and it will be interesting...
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