Fan Fest Fuzzies: Kira Gives Birth

After being on giraffe watch for what seemed like forever, many of us in the Philadelphia area have been on gorilla watch. Living close to this zoo and knowing all the care that went into this birth makes me proud.  On Friday June 2nd, Kira the 17-year-old western lowland gorilla and Motuba the 32-year-old Silverback gorilla welcomed a family member. Kira did not have an easy labor. After having a prolonged labor of 24 hours, a team of human doctors helped aid the zoo veterinarians in delivering this adorable baby....

Supernatural Girl Heads To Prom In Supernatural Style!

18 year old Alicia Hruby was whisked off to her prom this year in true fangirl style... inside an exact replica of Supernatural's infamous Impala, 'Baby'! The vehicle, named 'Thor' by owners Kim and Jimmy LeMay, brought joy into the life of a girl that has had much more than her fair share of life's struggles. While most young girls dream about having the perfect prom night, Alicia is elated to attend at all. Hair, nails, make-up and a pretty dress are only a small part of what makes this young lady so beautiful. I...

*NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick and Wife announce the Gender of their Baby

On Friday,*NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick and his wife, Karly, announced the gender of their child. Kirkpatrick announced back in March that he was going to be a dad and he took to twitter to announce the gender of their child. They're having a boy! '@IamCKirkpatrick + @MagicKar + crossbow = gender reveal #babyboyboyboy!' He tweeted. The couple says they are "over the moon" excited for their new addition. 'We are both looking forward to becoming parents, and learning how much fun having a child will be,' he said. Best of luck...

Ciara Shares Touching Pic of Hospital Bracelets

Just a week after the giving birth to her daughter Sienna, singer Ciara shared the most sweet and touching pic of her family's hospital bracelets on her Instagram account. Ciara (31),  her hubby Russell Wilson and Ciara's 2-year-old son posed with their hands together and crossed. The picture was taken using a black and white filter. Ciara's son, Future Zahir,  showed of his bracelet which read "Big Brother" across it. The couple welcomed baby Sienna Princess last Friday. The hospital was adorned with an assortment of flowers and balloons in...
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