Artist Christian Masot: A Master of Ink… and So Much More!

There are those who talk about their dreams and then there are those who go after them; Christian Masot is definitely the latter. Known best for his award-winning tattoo skills, Christian also happens to be a top-notch painter, photographer, and entrepreneur. And as the current owner of Silk City Tattoo in Hawthorne, NJ as well as the newly opened Roses and Rebels in Jersey City, he certainly has his hands full. Add in a recent appearance on Spike TV's Ink Master, working the convention scene, and hosting various events, it is clear Christian has...

Def Leppard’s Inspirational Drummer Rick Allen Is Rocking The Art Scene!

Rick Allan, the drummer for 80's iconic band Def Leppard, put his artistic skills on display at The Wentworth Gallery in Short Hills, NJ Saturday night. Those 'of a certain age' (cough cough), best know Rick as the guy providing the beat behind some of our favorite hits like Pour Some Sugar On Me, Armageddon It, Hysteria, Photograph... the list goes on. More impressive? He was doing it with only one arm! In 1984, during Def Leppard's height of fame, an accident caused Rick to lose his left arm. Rather than allow such a...
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