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‘Supernatural’ Season Finale Recap ‘Alpha and Omega’

As far as season finales go, ‘Supernatural’ has left us with some doozies in the past eleven years. Trips to Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and everything in between, not to mention the numerous amount of times we thought one of the Winchesters was dead. This time though, ‘Alpha and Omega‘ offered us a different kind of finale. One with something we see very little of on ‘Supernatural’… Hope.


Carry On My Wayward Son…


We picked up right where we left off last week, with everyone coming back together after the confrontation with God and Amara. Back at the bunker, Castiel (who is back to his old self) asks, ‘What do we do now?’. Dean has an answer – drink heavily. Realizing that Chuck is indeed dying and there isn’t a whole lot they can do about the fact that the sun is dying along with him, Dean decides to face the impending doom with a 6-pack, then takes Cas on a beer run.


Sam has a different perspective on the situation, and tries to rally the troops to do something about about The Darkness. Chuck explains that when his light is out, the balance between the light and the darkness will cease to exist so caging her won’t do any good. Sam suggests that they just go ahead and kill her after all. If the light is going to be extinguished anyway, then the darkness can go with it.


Droppin’ Soul Bombs…


Photo Courtesy of CW
Photo Courtesy of CW


While discussing the logistics of HOW to kill Amara, Chuck admits that she might have one weakness: light. If they could hit her with enough of it, it may just be what they need to take her out. How much light you ask? Well, according to Chuck, the light of ten thousand suns. Castiel suggests using souls, since they are all individual balls of energy. Rowena thinks if they can get enough, she can use the souls to create a bomb that, if detonated close enough to Amara, could be the key to ending her.


Castiel heads to heaven to ask the angels for help gathering souls, Crowley heads to Hell to see what he can scrounge up, and the Winchesters go out and do their thing at Waverly Hill Sanitorium; a notoriously haunted abandoned hospital to do a little ghost busting of their own. As the Winchesters are trapping the souls at Waverly Hills, they’re being watched by Billie the reaper. She’s very curious as to why they are doing what they’re doing, considering precarious situation the world happens to be in.


With the angels refusing to help, and Hell cleaned out of souls, Billie comes to the plan’s rescue by providing the souls they need by raiding the vale. As she puts it, ‘dead people are her thing afterall.’ Rowena can make the weapon they need to kill Amara, they just need one last piece… someone to carry the bomb and get close to her. Want to take a guess who volunteers? Dean will carry the bomb in himself and squeeze his fingers together when he gets close. The only downside is, you know, that it will kill him.


Bring on the Feels…


Photo Courtesy of CW
Photo Courtesy of CW


It wasn’t a flashy or intense finale, but in the moments where Dean is saying goodbye to his friends and his brother in the cemetery where Mary Winchester is buried, had the usual ‘punch-in-the-gut’ feeling that the SPNFamily has come to know well over the past 10 years. The difference this time though… Sam lets him go and doesn’t try to stop him or go behind his back to undermine what Dean is doing. Sam sadly, and against his better judgement, says goodbye to his brother with the promise of Gary Busey reading Dean’s eulogy.


Chuck transports Dean to where Amara has been reexamining her choices in a beautiful garden. She can feel the energy of the bomb on him, and Dean can see that there is hesitation in her; she seems conflicted about what has happened to her brother, and maybe doesn’t want complete destruction afterall. If there is anyone that Amara could confide in about dysfunctional family situations, it is Dean Winchester hands down. Dean talks to her about family, and revenge. He tries to explain the intricacies of how family can make you angrier than anything, but you still love them and make it right all the same.


The rest of the gang is back at an abandoned bar, waiting for something to happen… Dean to succeed, Chuck to die, or the Darkness taking over. What they didn’t expect was to turn their back for a second, and Chuck to disappear. Amara summons him to the garden where she and Dean are talking. Dean gives Amara an encouraging nod to try and talk to Chuck about their sibling rivalry issues. She admits to finally seeing the beauty in the world and life He created, and that she just wants to go back to being family again. They call a truce, and Amara heals Chuck back to full strength.


With the balance being restored between the Dark and the Light, Chuck and Amara decide to go wherever they came from to spend time together. Chuck removes Dean’s soul bomb and assures him all will be right with the world. Amara also wants to leave Dean with a gift. He gave her what she needed the most, so now she wants to return the favor. Amara wants to give Dean something needs the most.


BUT, before we get to the end of the finale and Amara’s gift to Dean, there is one other little aspect of ‘Alpha and Omega’ that we need to talk about…


Season 12 Story Arc?


Sprinkled sparingly through the finale were scenes showing a new Men of Letters chapter, in jolly ole England. Assuming this will be the set up for season 12, a woman of letters, Toni, gets a phone call and heads to the secret quarters in her basement. There she has a board full of clippings of the Winchesters. The person on the other end of the phone gives her a directive, and she heads off to find Sam and Dean. Once she touches down in the states, she directs her driver to take her to Lebanon, Kansas.


Photo courtesy of CW
Photo courtesy of CW


It’s there, that we leave Sam Winchester in this finale. He returns home to the bunker with Castiel to find Toni waiting for him. She quickly uses a blood spell to expel Castiel. She explains that her MOL chapter in London has sent her to take the Winchesters into headquarters. Toni tells Sam that the old men of her chapter have been watching and with all the damage the Winchesters have caused with the Leviathans, the Darkness, Archangels, etc. etc. they’ve had enough. Toni tells Sam…


“I mean, let’s face it Sam. You’re just a jumped-up Hunter playing with things that you don’t understand and doing more harm than good.”


Think back to when we first met the men of letters, it was clear that they had no real use for Hunters. It wasn’t until the union of Mary and John Winchester and the birth of their sons, both with roots deep in each group, that the two “professions” were truly brought together. Apparently, the London chapter didn’t get the memo and have decided that the Winchesters should no longer be allowed to continuing hunting. Toni threatens to shoot Sam. He doesn’t believe she will pull the trigger, but she does and we are left his fate up in the air.


Speaking of Mary Winchester… remember that present that Amara wanted to give Dean? Well, looks like he will have his chance to get reaquainted with mommy dearest, as Amara has used her considerable power to bring Mary Winchester back to life.


Photo Courtesy of CW
Photo Courtesy of CW


And now, we wait… til OCTOBER! If Toni shot Sam, I doubt it will have been fatal, but does mean he will need a rescue. Will she make it back to London with Sam? Or will Dean be able to stop her before she can get away. Will Sam find out that his mother is back from the dead? Could season 12 be the year we see the whole Winchester family back together? Even though Papa Winchester is over bashing heads in a zombie apocalypse, can’t there be even a slight possibility John Winchester could make an appearance as well? I guess we’ll find out when ‘Supernatural’ return in this Fall!


What did YOU think of Supernatural’s season 11 finale? Were you surprised at the ending? Are you intrigued by what they have lined up for season 12? Are you secretly hoping that Mark Pellegrino will return as Lucifer now that Castiel has his meat suit back? (Oh, sorry, that’s just me then). Use the comments below and let me know what you thought of ‘Alpha and Omega’ and season 11 as a whole!

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