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‘Supernatural’ Preview ‘The Chitters’

There are only three episodes left in ‘Supernatural’ season 11, and you know what that means? Yup, get ready for that gut punch right in the feels. I cannot recall one finale in all these seasons that didn’t leave me on the floor in a puddle of tears and tissues and fearing for the life of one of these two boys. I have no reason to think that season 11’s finale will be any different.

Luckily, these next three episodes do look like a good mix of monsters, angels and demons, not to mention an appearance by the almighty Chuck
Shurley. After the events of the latest episode, the boys found themselves at a loss of what to do next in regards to Amara. With Crowley once again in the wind, and Lucifer/Cass taken by Amara to only Chuck knows where, what else is there for the Winchesters to do, but hunt?


On the next episode of ‘Supernatural’

SAM AND DEAN MEET A NEW PAIR OF HUNTERS – In a small town in Colorado, mysterious disappearances happen every 27 years. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) head to the town to investigate and meet two hunters who have a personal vendetta
against these once-in-a-generation monsters. Eduardo Sanchez directed the episode written by Nancy Won (#1119)

Source: CW



Who doesn’t enjoy a good monster hunt? I know I do! could these two new hunters become new allies for the Winchesters? They could certainly use a few new ones since their support system is either kidnapped or ‘livin la vida loca’ up in Heaven. Though, if these new guys learn about the Winchester’s history, they may want to reconsider inviting them to the annual Christmas party if they want to live well into the next year.

Either way, I think ‘Chitters’ is going to be our last fun ‘monster-of-the-week’ episode of the season before we start the downward spiral into the finale. ‘Supernatural’ airs on Wednesday, April 27th at 9/8C on CW.

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