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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Don’t Call Me Shurley’

Published on May 4th, 2016 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

‘Don’t Call Me Shurley’ is the ‘Supernatural’ episode that I have been waiting for (as I suspect many fans have been), for many seasons now. Tonight’s episode confirmed, without a doubt, that there is a lot of life, love and emotion left in a show that has gone on much longer than most people expected. In one of this season’s last entries, they managed to bring back some key pieces of the mythology, and give you answers to some of the biggest questions we still have – “Where is God?” and “Why has he abandoned Heaven?”

The fans have suspected and finally had some confirmation that Chuck Shurley was indeed, God himself. He vanished out at the end of Season 5. He popped in at the end of the fan tribute episode, “Fan Fiction”. However in this past episode, we got the official word from the man himself.


Photo courtesy of CW
Photo courtesy of CW


Deciding that he needed a good editor for his autobiography, Chuck decided to plunk Metatron out of a dumpster (literally) and into the bar where he was finishing the last few pages.

Metatron, thinking that he was in some kind of purgatory with hack writer Carver Edlund, he goes on to insult the man’s work further until Chuck reveals his true identity to his fallen scribe.

I’m going to be honest with you here. There are some episodes that really need to be experienced for yourselves because a recap just won’t do it justice. This, my fellow SPN Family, is one of those episodes. References to things from seasons past, answers to the big questions of ‘Why’ he’s been MIA this whole time. Chuck doesn’t hold back when Metatron asks him why he’s letting Amara run wild. Then, just when you think that God is just kind of a nice guy with a sweet smile, he shows his true “smite-ability” when Metatron pushes him too far questioning his reasons.

After reading Chuck’s auto biography, Metatron realizes that his Father is going to let Amara destroy everything he’s created. Chuck is finished with
his experiments, and is beyond disappointed in their continued failures. Metatron gives him one hell of a speech about the beauty and wonder of
human life, and pleads with Chuck to change his mind.

Chuck makes some rewrites and edits, and while Metatron is reading his revisions, Chuck serenades him with a song, Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song). Really listen to those lyrics, quite poignant.


One of these days and it won’t belong
Call my name and I’ll be gone
Fare thee well, my honey, farethee well

Source: MetroLyrics


SIDE NOTE: Did you know that Rob Benedict could SING?! When you have time, you should check out his band Louden Swain. They are seriously fantastic!

Mixed into the narrative between Chuck and Metatron, was Sam and Dean working a case that turns out to be the result of Amara’s fog. You
remember, the one that made all those people go crazy and kill each other in the beginning of the season… Well, the cure no longer works and the boys end up barricaded into the local police station with the fog getting in through the cracks.

So, how does this all wind up? How does Sam and Dean escape their dire circumstances? Chuck fixes it.

Just as Sam is getting consumed by the fog, black veins popping everywhere, a glow of light begins to radiate from his pocket, and Dean
pulls out his old Samulet. The one he threw into the hotel garbage can way back in what…. Season 5?

In a state of confusion and shock, the guys leave the station, glowing amulet in hand, and see how everyone outside is alive and the fog is gone. Standing in the middle of it all is Chuck. He simply smiles and them and says, “I think we need to talk”.

I can’t speak for the entire Supernatural Fandom, but I can tell you that this episode is hands down my favorite of the season. The return of Chuck, the return of the amulet, seeing God finally speak his side of things, and hearing Rob Benedict sing… perfection. I imagine it will only get better as we head into the last couple episodes of the season.

Go and watch it for yourself, and make sure to note Dean’s ironing habits in the beginning. Classic Dean Winchester move right there.


Supernatural airs on Wednesdays, 9/8c on the CW.

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