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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘We Happy Few’

Family reunions can be tough, especially when your absentee Dad is the creator of the Universe, and the pouty, petulant child is the Devil himself. Quoted as being “the worst episode of Full House ever”, Dean and Sam realize that reuniting Lucifer and Chuck may not have been exactly what they expected on this episode of ‘Supernatural’.

Before the Winchesters can even think of how to get Chuck to sideline Amara, they have to deal with the devil in the room, and try to get Lucifer and his dad talking. To do this, Sam and Dean host their own version of Dr. Phil, and make the two supreme beings to sit down and hash things out.


Photo Courtesy of CW
Photo Courtesy of CW


With a strained reconciliation, Chuck, Lucifer and the Winchesters start to devise a very ‘Ocean’s 11-ish’ type plan in order put Amara back in the box. Dean wants Chuck to simply kill her, but that isn’t an option they have. According to Chuck, life works with the balance of light and dark. Killing Amara, would be killing everything.


Supernatural -- "We Happy Few" -- SN1122b_0273.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam, Jensen Ackles as Dean, Ruth Connell as Rowena, Mark Sheppard as Crowley, Misha Collins as Castiel and Rob Benedict as Chuck Shurley (above) -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam, Jensen Ackles as Dean, Ruth Connell as Rowena, Mark Sheppard as Crowley, Misha Collins as Castiel and Rob Benedict as Chuck Shurley (above) — Photo Courtesy of CW


In order for Chuck to be able to remove the Mark of Cain off of Amara to put her back in the cage, he needs her weakened. To do that, he’s going to need help. Sam, Dean and Lucifer set off to recruit more members of the team: Dean grabs Crowley from Hell, Sam pops in on Rowena and her witch friend, Clea, and Lucifer returns to Heaven to try and get the power of the Angels behind them.

Oh and there was one more thing Chuck needed… a volunteer to receive the Mark of Cain after it’s removed from Amara. This time, it’s Sammy’s turn to bear the mark; over Dean’s objections of course. Once the warding was removed, Amara finds out their location and the rumble is on.

Rowena attacks first, and while her and her witch friends make a bit of an impact, they were the losers of that round. Then Crowley and his demons did their thing, and the last we saw of the King of Hell, he was vacating his meat suit to join the fight. Whether he survived or not is one of the mysteries for now.

Amara stumbles into the warehouse where Chuck, Lucifer and the Winchesters wait. Things went as planned, until they didn’t. Amara gets the upper hand before Chuck can completely remove the mark and leaves her brother in a heap on the floor. Not dead, yet – but certainly not in good shape. Amara wants him to see the world that he created, turn to ash before he finally fades away completely. Before the episode fades to black, Rowena wakes up in the parking lot to a bright light in the sky, as Amara tells the Winchesters ‘Welcome to the End.’

Normally as we approach the end of a ‘Supernatural’ season things tend to take a very dark turn, and while that was definitely present in this episode, it certainly had that air of self-depreciation that only Supernatural seems to pull off well. The conversation between Chuck and Lucifer was by far the best part of the episode, and I credit not only the writing but the amazingness that is Misha Collins and Rob Benedict for pulling that off.



Even during the Winchester’s recruiting missions to Crowley and Rowena, the dialogue was ripe with sarcasm and childish insults that, again, this show does so very well. However, my hands down favorite scene was casual Chuck cooking pancakes and drinking coffee from his ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mug. I was pretty sad when Amara busted through the kitchen at the bunker and smashed it to bits on the floor.


Photo Courtesy of CW
Photo Courtesy of CW


What was your favorite part of ‘We Happy Few’? Do you think Amara can be stopped? Will Dean find the strength to be able to put her back in the cage afterall? Or, will Chuck’s plan fail completely and leave it open for Amara to try and do her worst to the planet her brother loves so much. The season finale of ‘Supernatural’ airs next Wednesday, May 25th at 9/8C on the CW.

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