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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Red Meat’

Published on March 30th, 2016 | Updated on | By FanFest

Before we jump into the recap
for the latest episode of
Supernatural, I have to ask you a
question. Is it just me, or has Sam

been pushing the idea of hunting on Dean a lot lately? I feel like the last
weeks, Sam has been the
one suggesting a case, or pulling them away from
researching ways to deal
with the Amara, Lucifer, Cas
problem that’s


Is Sam just trying to keep
them sharp and busy?
Maybe he
is scared there really is no solution, so why not just go grab as many
as they can before the end of
the world tries to happen, again. Whatever
his motives, the younger
Winchester brother sure picked a doozy
this week, as
this job may very well have been his


Meat’ jumps right
into it, with the boys fighting some werewolves while a
couple literally
hangs in the background from the
ceiling. Just as the fight
seems to be finished, one last wolf raises a gun
and shoots Sam in the stomach.

Death has never really been an issue for the Winchesters regardless of

often they’ve done it. However,
this time is different. Remember, the boys have
a reaper ready and waiting
on the other side and she isn’t
exactly happy with
them for killing Death.


With the
promise of a true reaping
one of them die, Dean does some quick first aid maneuvers and is able to

remove the bullet. He frees the
couple and the four of them, two of which are in
bad shape, head out to find
help. Because, of course, they
are conveniently in
the middle of nowhere with no cell


The random
husband sees Sam is slowing them down, but he knows Dean won’t leave him

behind. So what does he do? He
smothers Sam while Dean is outside trying to
assemble a makeshift stretcher
to carry his brother. Sam sees
that the guy was
bit by the werewolf right before losing consciousness. When
Dean comes in and
sees Sam
motionless on the floor… well, soul-crushing, is what it was. No
how many times they’ve been
through this, the look on Dean’s face and
the single tear that falls kills
me every


When Dean
realizes there are still some of the
werewolf pack out in the woods, he
vows to
come back for Sam after getting the couple to safety. A park ranger
puts a halt
in that plan when
Dean tries to go back to Sam and gets tazed by the ranger,
ending up in the
hospital. Dean gets the idea to
try and kill himself so that he
may cross over and try to reason with Billie
the reaper for his brother’s



BUT WAIT! Sam isn’t dead, yet. He regains

consciousness just as Dean is
downing a bunch of pills that will surely get him
his one way ticket to the
other side. Sam manages to get up
and moving just
before the other werewolves come back to the cabin where he
was. Parallelly Dean
watching the doctors work on his lifeless body while he waits for Billie.

Although, when she shows, Dean’s
pleas for Sam’s life fall on deaf ears.
Billie is having none of what he’s
trying to sell her. Then, she
let’s him in
on the joke:


And the kicker is,
Sam’s not dead.
But you are.
Or will be, soon enough.


resurrects him with an adrenaline shot
to the heart and Billie is unable
to collect her prize. He is able to get
away from the doctors and talk to
Sam tries to warn him about the guy they saved, because, you know,
he’s a
werewolf now too. Somehow
Sam gets himself in the car and drives to the



All is wrapped up pretty quickly
as the husband
turned and tried to kill Dean, Sam shows up in time and plugs
the wolf with a
bullet. After a few units of blood and some stitches Sam is deemed ok and

sent home. When they are in Baby
about to leave, Sam asks the age old question,
“So, what did you do, when
you thought I was


smartass answer from Dean comes first, but as
Sam presses the question, Dean

tells him, “I knew you weren’t dead.” How long will his little meeting with

Billie remain a secret? My
guess is, not too


So, what did we
learn from ‘Red


  • Dean can’t live without Sam (not
  • Sam is one tough S.O.B.
  • The interaction
    Billie will somehow come back and
    bite Dean in the ass.
  • STOP
    (this is really a standing
    observation with the

Some Random Thoughts While

Watching ‘Supernatural’

These are the tweets that would’ve
out had I remembered to
live tweet (…those Winchester boys can be very


  • That was one hell of a
    beginning. Jumping
    right into the action and Sam gets shot. Not good guys,
    not good.
  • How
    tough is Sam that he is patching up his own gunshot wound after
    Dean removed
    the bullet?
  • This
    guy of the couple – I don’t trust
    him at all. See! I KNEW this asshat was
    bad news.
  • Nope –
    I don’t
    accept that Sam Winchester got killed by a two-bit
  • Dean
    gently shaking
    Sam’s body and saying, “Sammy?” just literally broke my
  • Somehow the idea of Dean having
    to commit suicide, even
    for this reason, is additionally
  • Sam Winchester

    is hard core. He takes out a werewolf and walks back to Baby, all while
    out and having just
    regained consciousness.

  • Are there no other
    medical staff in
    this hospital than the doctor,
    park ranger and two patients? I
    mean, Worst. Hospital. Ever.
  • Dean is kind and compassionate

    man, until you screw with his brother.

That’s it for this

week! The next episode of
‘Supernatural’ airs on Wednesday, April 9th at 9/8C
on the CW.

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