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‘Supernatural’ Recap: ‘Raising Hell’

Last week on Supernatural, we knew that Belaphor’s warding spell was not going to last forever. The boys are still at a loss figuring out how to keep the ghosts within the barrier.  With the plethora of help coming they must figure out a way. That has been the mantra of the Winchesters since the beginning really.  It lies side by side with it’s a family business.  They are saving people and hunting things.  That is just what they do.  The only problem is this the last season brings the larger question to life.  What was the point? “Raising Hell” provides insight into those two questions.  The answer might appear simple, but it yields a strong message about life in general.  Much like the answer to this question. If there were not people on Supernatural making bad decisions would we even have a show at this point?

As soon as the show opens we see a person attempting to get back into the community.  Granted, she has a great reason why, but she still is not supposed to be there. Why must people go back to get items for their kids in Harlan Kansas? Because it is for their kids.  Plain and simple.  Upon encountering someone else who seemingly stayed in the neighborhood, Nan feels she is safe in his presence.  She feels that she is able to talk to him, but little does she knows he is possessed.  To make matters worse, these aren’t your normal ghosts of course. One of the ones captured in the spell is Jack the Ripper, Francis Tumblety. As much as I agree with Dean that is rather cool, it is also absolutely frightening.

Jack the Ripper - Supernatural - Raising Hell
Jack the Ripper – Supernatural – Raising Hell – 15×02 – The CW Network

A group of three people begins discussing how they are going to get into the neighborhood. They will find those who have gone missing.  Dave and Sherry decide they are going to be the ones to finally go look for Nan. Francis brings everyone together in an attempt to bring some sort of order to everything. Why were they spit out of hell? Because of God himself of course. Francies determines to find a place out of the neighborhood despite the warding. All doors have locks and ways out. The two people plotting to get in realize why they should not have gone inside. However, the demons decide they will make things as ugly as possible for those standing guard.  This makes them realize rather quick why they should not have gone rogue.

Cas wants to tell them what is going on but Sam says they will when they can. Rowena comes to the rescue. As Sam tells Rowena the plan and they begin to fight one another, ultimately he must join Dean and Belphegor. Two demons possess both Dave and Sherry. Despite Francis threatening to let the souls inside of the two humans destroy them, Dean and Sam do not budge in regards to breaking the ward. The souls leave as a familiar face enters the screen once more. Ketch. While Ketch is admiring Rowena’s prowess, the boys explain her goal while there. She is attempting to create a device to trap souls. A soul catcher as Dean calls it. As soon as Belaphor walks into the room Ketch and Rowena assume that he is Jack. This is when the Winchesters reveal that God killed Jack.

'Supernatural' Recap: 'Raising Hell'
Castiel – Misha Collins – Supernatural – 15×02 – Raising Hell – The CW Network

Castiel grows frustrated as a member of the town points out that Sam and Cas said they would keep everyone safe.  Dean and Cas finally get into an argument together.  Dean feels like what they have done was done for nothing.  Cas insists that this is what life is.  While Chuck designed the obstacles they made their own moves.  They did well with that.  That is all that matters.  Dean cannot get over the fact that they did not have a choice.  They were played by Chuck.  Cas insists that they are what is real about all of this.  They matter.  That is the truth.  When life gets us down that is all that truly matters.  Life is never easy all of the time.  It’s not supposed to be.  However, when the going gets tough our friends are there to help us get through.

Meanwhile, Ketch and Rowena find themselves asking Dean about one another.  This is much to Dean’s dismay. I cannot help but want this ship to sail despite this being the last season of the show.  #Ketena forever!  As two hunters go missing, Dean and Ketch go to find them. As Dean breathes out its cold air and once more they encounter Lizzie Borden.  Someone is yelling at her to leave them alone.  The best part is who that soul turns out to be.  KEVIN TRAN! Is there a way to separate the good ghosts from the bad?  I do not want to see Kevin die yet again.  Seeing Kevin again isn’t even the biggest shock. The biggest shock is that Chuck sent Kevin to hell!

'Supernatural' Recap: 'Raising Hell'
Kevin Tran – Supernatural – Raising Hell – 15×02 – The CW Network

Speaking of Chuck, we suddenly see him catching up with another familiar face.  Amara. Trying to ignore her brother, Chuck is not making that easy on her.  He is trying to get her to stop by another dimension.  A family project.  He has yet to tell her that he has set another apocalypse in motion.  She realizes that Chuck actually needs her for more than starting a new species. God is no longer at full strength and he’s actually afraid.  It seems that while the bullet did not kill Chuck it has done far more damage than normal.  Whether or not she continues putting together the puzzle or not is another story.  We also have learned that Chuck and Sam are linked together by the bullet wound.  In many ways, they have a tracking spell without the spell.

Despite Kevin attempting to help the Winchesters, he may have gotten into trouble with the spirits released from hell.  Rowena insists that she cannot be rushed and is quite upset to have to answer a call from Dean.  Ketch creates a diversion for Rowena to get inside of the barrier.  However, Francis catches him completely off guard and knocks him unconscious.  Managing to get Francis’s soul out of Ketch, Rowena gathers those who have surrounded themselves with him.  This will help somewhat for the time being, but not on a larger scale.

'Supernatural' Recap: 'Raising Hell'
Supernatural Cast – Supernatural – Raising Hell – 15×02 – The CW Network

Cas is unable to heal Ketch for some reason which leaves him even more frustrated than before.  While Sam insists that they are all just tired, maybe there is something more to it.  Rowena watches on as they put Ketch into the ambulance and share a small smile between herself and Dean.  Belphegor has told Kevin about the circumstances and he has decided to stay on Earth.  Belaphor manages to make the warding disappear for a moment so that Kevin can get out.  Despite knowing he might go crazy having no place to anchor him on Earth, this brings hope that as sad as this storyline is there is hope for more Kevin Tran future episodes.

Amara decides that she is not going to help Chuck leave the Earth they’re on.  He is trapped and abandoned to the point where he is on his own.  I do not think this is the last we will see of Amara this season though.  Something tells me that this is not the last we have seen of her.  However, I’m not sure that w will see her on God’s side again.  As the episode ends many other souls are flying out of hell.  Rowena admits that her creation is not going to help hold all those souls.  They have to find another way.  Sam vows that is what they will do then.  They will find another way.

'Supernatural' Recap: 'Raising Hell'
Amara – Supernatural – Raising Hell – 15×02 – The CW Network

Do you see the boys eventually making up with Chuck by the end of the season?  Is Chuck going to march forward with this apocalypse?  Is Amara finally going to catch on?  So many questions and only so little time despite being an hour-long drama.

Make sure to continue the hunt by watching Supernatural next Thursday at 8 pm EST on The CW Network.

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