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‘Supernatural’ Recap: ‘The Rupture’

Published on October 26th, 2019 | Updated on November 7th, 2019 | By FanFest

In what has become a three-week season premiere essentially, the Winchesters focus on stopping the souls coming from hell escaping Harlan in one last time. “The Rupture” manages to wrap up a journey and break our hearts by the end of the episode.  Supernatural frequently makes viewers emotional, but this time is different.  This time everything feels final as the storyline from episodes “Back and to the Future” and “Raising Hell” wrap up.  While this is not the end of the story yet, many lines are wrapped up and prophecies contained within death’s books are fulfilled.

“The Rupture” leaves the boys attempting to gather up the souls that have escaped from hell to send them back. However, as they get to the crypt the spell does not go as planned. Rowena immediately attempts to get ready to start the spell she had in mind.  However, as she attempts to cast it, the cauldron leaps from her hands in a force that drives her back onto the ground.  When we get to a point where Rowena loses hope and says they are all going to die it’s dire. As the looks are exchanged, they have to come up with an alternative plan.  Not wanting to give up his flask at first, Dean finally caves to give Rowena their last drink.

Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki - Supernatural - The Rupture
Sam Winchester – Jared Padalecki – Supernatural – The Rupture – 15×3 – The CW Network

She reveals that the demons inside the barrier are too strong together so that the walls will inevitably fall.  No magic could help keep the spirits within the barrier.  The traps that she came up with to catch souls are not going to help either, no matter how many of them had. Rowena explains she could have tried multiple spells to close the gate to hell if she arrived earlier.  Arriving too late has caused her to have a bit of a meltdown.  After all, there has never been anything she has not been able to crack before.  Needing a moment, Dean and Sam step away from her.

Dean is determined that he isn’t going to give up.  There has to be another way.  They are going to be completely free.  Sam admits that for once he is out of ideas and it feels bigger than them.  Dean’s anger has him attempting to come up with an alternative.  Rowena meanwhile has been looking up various spells to try and come up with something else.  Sam consults with her but she has not found something in her spellbook.  No matter what why they turn, every plan falls through.

Cas & Belphegor - Misha Collins & Alexander Calvert - Supernatural
Cas & Belphegor – Misha Collins & Alexander Calvert – Supernatural – The Rupture – 15×3 – The CW Network

Belphegor heads outside as Cas follows him.  Belphegor insists it’s not the gate to hell that God opened.  It’s a tear.  He has an idea but he admits to Cas that he isn’t going to like it.  Lilith’s crook is needed to help close the tear.  She used the crook to control the flock of demons.  Belphegor said that he thinks it could bring back all the spirits back into hell.  Then Rowena will be able to seal up the tear.  Since it’s a tear she can use a healing spell.  She tells them the ingredients she needs as well as the assistant.  As soon as she called dibs on Sam, this foreshadowed impending doom.

Belphegor claims to want protection as he goes back to hell.  Dean volunteers Cas despite knowing that is not even remotely what Cas wants.  In many ways, Dean, in particular, has cast Cas aside this entire season so far and treated as if he does not have feelings.  The reason why at the end will break fans’ hearts.  Instead of figuring out an easy way to enter hell, Cas pushes him in so they can hunt down Lilith’s crook in one of the funniest moments this season.  Hell seems creepier than normal as they walk through with the abscene of demons.

Arthur Ketch - David Haydn-Jones - Supernatural
Arthur Ketch – David Haydn-Jones – Supernatural – The Rupture – 15×3 – The CW Network

Meanwhile, instead of staying in the hospital where he should, Ketch insists he needs to leave the hospital.  He must get back to helping everyone fend off the apocalypse.  However, Ardat (Sharon Taylor) has other plans.  She is the demon that wanted him to find Belphegor for him.  Knowing that he won’t give him up due to his friends, she rips out his heart, killing one of the first of three on “The Rupture” this past Thursday.  Looking rather pleased with herself, she now must locate Belphegor on her own.  Tricking Dean into giving up their location by using Ketch’s phone that is how Ardat finds her way to hell where Cas and Belphegor are located.

She reveals that Belphegor has always wanted to rule hell.  That is what brought him down there.  Cas realizes that they have been tricked into giving Belphegor exactly what he wanted this entire time.  He wanted complete control over hell.  Considering that he has betrayed them and he is wearing Jack’s body as a suit, Cas does not take kindly to this and smites him with ease.  Despite knowing this completely ruins the plan that they have set in motion, he must do what needs to be done.  There was no way they could continue forward with him.  He also manages to kill Ardat before killing Belphegor.

Ruth Connell - Rowena - Supernatural - The Rupture
Ruth Connell – Rowena – Supernatural – The Rupture – 15×3 – The CW Network

Dean is waiting to throw the bag into the tear as all the souls come rushing back to hell.  Rowena, realizing that it did not work realizes what she has to do.  She cuts into herself and takes out the last resurrection statch from her.  Rowena insists that she can contain the souls by soaking them up.  In time her body will break down and the souls will release where they belong.  The reason she requested Sam stay with her makes more sense now. Sam must be the one to kill her. If this is not heartbreaking enough as he pushes the knife into her abdomen he hugs her.

Rowena makes the wound go deeper before taking out the knife and walking out to the tear.  She soaks up all of the souls inside herself as Sam follows her and Cas and Dean come to meet with her.  As she places her hands over her stomach she looks back at them one last time before saying, “Goodbye boys,” and falling into the tear.  In many ways, she looks at peace as she does so and oddly angelic at that moment.  Though everyone is around her is left devastated, Rowena helped the Winchesters save humanity one last time.

Supernatural Cast - Supernatural
Supernatural Cast – Supernatural – The Rupture – 15×3 – The CW Network

Dean goes to check on Sam after everything in the bunker.  The town is as safe as possible.  He also reveals to him that they found Ketch dead.  They got through one last apocalypse and they beat it.  Dean assures Sam that he didn’t have another choice.  He had to kill Rowena.  That does not make anything easier of course.  Cas reveals what happened down there to Dean.  Upon killing Belphegor, Lilith’s crook is destroyed in the process. Cas apologizes for her death because he could not stick to the game plan.

The plan changed as Dean takes out his anger on Cas.  There’s no benefit of the doubt anymore.  His powers are failing and he keeps trying to talk to him.  Cas continues to try even though Dean will not talk to him. There is resentment for Mary’s death still. Despite Dean asking him where he’s going, Cas insists on leaving because he feels there’s nothing left to say between them.  It’s time for him to finally move on now that Jack is dead and that Dean and Sam have one another.  The episode ends with Dean having a drink and Cas leaving the bunker completely abolishing Team Free Will as we know it.

Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles - Supernatural - The Rupture
Dean Winchester – Jensen Ackles – Supernatural – The Rupture – 15×03 – The CW Network

What is next for the Winchester brothers? What are your feelings on the demise of the three characters in “The Rupture?” Are there more beloved characters deaths in the future?  Who should make an appearance in this final season in upcoming episodes?  Should Cas have left?  Let us know your thoughts on Thursday’s episode in the comments below.

And make sure to continue the hunt by watching Supernatural next Thursday at 8 pm EST on The CW Network.

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