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‘Supernatural’ Season 15 Premiere Recap: ‘Back and to the Future’

Published on October 13th, 2019 | Updated on October 14th, 2019 | By FanFest

Welcome to the end. This is a phrase that no Supernatural fan ever thought they would hear yet alone read. After fifteen seasons, the final season premiere of Supernatural aired on the CW Network. The season started with a reminder of the road so far. A season where the Winchesters realize Chuck manipulated them this entire time for his entertainment. This is what he does.  He creates universes and destroys them once the narrative bores him.  Upon realizing he can no longer pull the strings on his proverbial Winchester marionettes any longer, we saw the beginning of the apocalypse. Where is John’s barbwire bat when you need it?

This season picks up exactly where we left off last. The boys have fought their way into a family plot on the cemetery grounds as the zombies howl outside. The doors are made of iron but there is still the fear they will find a way in.  Though instead of merely being zombies, these beings are far more intimidating. Theses so-called zombies are merely demons who have come up from hell and taken over the bodies.  Not that makes the end of the world any better.  The strangest part is that Jack comes back from the dead as a rather hilarious demon, Belphegor.  Crowley Jr., as Dean affectionately calls him soon thereafter, insists that he can help them and manages to send all the demonic souls back to hell for them. No more zombies.

Belphegor - Demon Jack - Alexander Calvert - Supernatural
Belphegor – Demon Jack – Alexander Calvert – Supernatural 15×1 – CW Network

Just as we think the boys are somewhat safe, we learn that many unsuspecting people have no idea what is going on. They are not safe.  We immediately cut over to how the apocalypse is affecting people in the real world and see that Bloody Mary is up to her old tricks.  She does not pity two teenage girls who find divorce amazing. During this time Belphegor teaches us two to three billion demonic souls were set free on Earth. The ghosts can be contained within the town by using magic, but getting the residents out is key. As they are driving along they see a car with blood splatter all over the windshield. The woman in white is written all over the scene.  This makes them realize a rather important lesson. Every demon they have ever killed is coming back to wreak destruction.

Meanwhile, a mother and her child frantically attempt to flee the remnants of a child’s birthday party. After all, no one called for a call Mr. Gacy. No one in the town wants to play with you John! While the team does not know of Gacy’s appearance, they still go into the town as the FBI in an attempt to get everyone out. Thankfully, they convince the sheriff of the necessity of a town evacuation due to a pipeline breaking outside of town.  Upon convincing him they head off to go house to house in the town to help with the evacuation process.  Meanwhile, we learn a lot about Belphegor’s life as a human.  Maybe a little too much, but enjoyable information all the same.  Upon asking Dean about who Jack was once upon a time, he, of course, tells him more about the body Belphegor is inhibiting.

Belphegor & Dean Winchester - Alexander Calvert & Jensen Ackles
Belphegor & Dean Winchester – Alexander Calvert & Jensen Ackles – Supernatural 15×1 – CW Network


Learning of the way to cast the spell to keep the ghosts in town, Dean realizes this might not be as simple as Belphegor let on.  A big bag of salt is easy to come by.  A human heart not so much without sneaking into a morgue.  Sam and Castiel find their way inside of the home with the mom and child. Upon finding them the mother and daughter she confirms that everyone else in the house is dead.  Although Sam reassures her and her daughter that everything will be okay, Gacy returns leaving Sam feeling defenseless as the clown attacks.  Thankfully for Sam, Castiel finds him in time and shoots Gacy with the rock salt gun.  This prompts him to inquire if Sam is okay upon healing him.  Something is clearly wrong, but he cannot pinpoint it in that moment.

As the sheriff continues helping evacuate the town, Dean realizes their past ghosts are not the only thing coming back to haunt them.  When God started the apocalypse all the doors of hell opened.  All of the doors including the cage where Michael has been since season five.  While Belphegor remarks that he won’t hold a grudge, Dean knows better.  Despite it not being back up in this episode, we all know that Adam/Michael will be appearing this season on the show.  As Cas attempts to heal Sam’s wounds, we make another large discovery. The bullet wound where Sam shot God appears to open a demonic side of Sam.  It reminds me of when the walls break upon Sam’s rescue from hell.  Once the walls came down from him being in the cage with Lucifer and Michael.

Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki
Sam Winchester – Jared Padalecki Supernatural 15×1 – CW Network

However this seems worse considering in these flashes he kills Dean. The energy is unlike any that Cas has ever seen. Those black eyes revealing a Demon Sam says enough for now.  Hopefully this fruition is far from becoming a truth this season.  Although everyone manages to make it out of town, unfortunately the sheriff is not so lucky.  The woman in white gets to him first.  Although no one wanted to see him die, Belphegor takes advantage of the situation and grabs the heart from the sheriff’s body.  Meanwhile, Sam and Cas encounter not only the ghost of Gacy but additional ghosts as well including Lizzie Borden.  As the rock salt gun runs out of ammunition, Sam’s urgency to leave town along with Cas, the mother, and daughter increases.

Thankfully, Belphegor can use the fresh heart and cast the spell to entrap the spirits in the town just in time.As Team Free Will manages to get the mother and daughter safely to the high school the real question creeps in. What will happen when the real FBI comes into the picture?  No one knows.  The one thing we know for certain is that the Winchesters were able to save the lives of numerous people once more for the time being.  For now, the town is safe.  One can only imagine that there are other towns though that are not as lucky at the moment.  Other towns overran with various spirits, vampires, werewolves, and other creatures they have fought along the way.  As Sam remarks to Dean, “What’s one more apocalypse, right?”  This isn’t the boys’ first rodeo, but it is certainly their last.

Sam Winchester & Dean Winchester - Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles - Supernatural
Sam Winchester & Dean Winchester – Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles – Supernatural 15×1 – CW Network

If the season premiere of Supernatural is any indication about the way the rest of the season will go, fans are in for a treat.  While the show sets fans up for a ride down memory lane, we also are in store for the best season yet.  A season full of shots that mirror previous seasons, including the one at the very end of “Back and to the Future.”

Continue the hunt next Thursday at 8 pm EST on The CW Network.

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