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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Love Hurts’

‘Supernatural’ Recap
‘Love Hurts’


and Sam are once again faced with
a holiday ripe with blood, death
and a witch
on the warpath on this episode of

In the midst of
Valentine’s Day celebration, Dean is coerced into checking out a case with

his brother Sammy. An unfaithful
husband (Dan Harper) is caught on the nanny cam
not only kissing the sitter,
but later ripping her heart out
of her

Dean is quick to realize that it wasn’t the actual
husband by the
tell-tale sign of
a shapeshifter, as he catches the camera flare in the

After Dean’s visit to the
unfaithful husband, the man is
visited in his office late at night by the
babysitter girlfriend that was just

murdered. Well, if that isn’t spooky, I don’t know what is.


Winchesters go and talk to the
widow (Melissa Harper) of unfaithful guy to see
if maybe she wasn’t the
shapeshifter preying on the grief of
an emotionally
distraught house wife. When she passes Dean’s test of
touching a silver pen, the
boys come
up with another plan.

The second they leave, however, the wife

exposes her role in the deaths, by
retrieving a box full of bewitched items, hex
bags and a cat skull. Which,
after 11 seasons of
Supernatural you know
that isn’t good. As she frantically throws
the items into the garbage
she makes a call to an unknown person saying that something went
wrong, and she

Just when she thinks that maybe she’s safe now… ‘Ding-Dong.’

‘Who’s there?’ ‘Dead husband who
wants to rip your heart out.’ She gets away
from him and heads out to locate
Sam and Dean in hope they can
possibly save

Melissa tells them she knew about the affair
between Dan and the
and she happened to tell her hairdresser about it in a moment of
The hairdresser invited Melissa
into her basement, and whipped her up
a concoction that she sold as a love
spell. What Melissa didn’t know is
that it
was actually a curse, where the target of one’s desire will be the
thing that

Dean and Sam figure out that the curse can be transferred
one person to another through a
kiss, and in order to keep Melissa safe,
Dean kisses her, transferring the
curse to himself. After hunting
down the
hairdresser at her shop, ‘The Art of Dyeing’ Sam and Dean quickly
learn how to
kill the monster
and break the curse.

Once again a monster-of-the-week
episode is used
as a catalyst to discuss Dean’s
overwhelming urge to kill The
Darkness, but also his crushing desire for
Amara. Initially thinking that the

monster may come to him in the form of Daisy Duke (or Jessica Simpson as
Duke), it really came in
the form of Amara. He does his best to talk to the
monster in disguise, but
really all it did was confirm to
him that he would be
unable to kill Amara, even though he really, really
wants IT

Sam is able to take care of the witch who started all the
breaking the spell before Dean could get
his heart ripped out by the
thing pretending to be the sister of

An episode in a season of

really great storytelling, ‘Love Hurts’ was a mix of fun interactions
the brothers as well as a
heart-to-heart about Dean’s feeling’s for The
Darkness. Having Dean admit
his weakness to Sam was a nice
change in their
dynamic. In the past, both the brothers would be trying to
protect the other
from the
truth. Here, in ‘Love Hurts’, their brotherly love was put to the test,
it seems they came out the other
end closer than before. Was it the best
episode of the season? Nah. But
still a solid showing for a show
eleven seasons
deep in a mythology that has been put through the ringer time
and time


Supernatural, season 11 episode 15, “The Vessel” airs
Wednesday, February 17th
at 9/8C on the CW.

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