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‘Supernatural’ Recap “The Vessel”

‘Supernatural’ Recap
“The Vessel”


this week’s Supernatural,
Dean pulls a Marty McFly and heads
back to
the past to try and fix the Winchester’s present



Dean goes on a
rescue mission to retrieve the
Hand of God, originally found in 1943 by
Delphine, a woman of letters, who
the weapon from a Nazi officer. Needing the help of his angelic
friend, Dean is
supposed to go back
with the help of Lucifer in Castiel’s body. He is
transported onto the U.S.
Bluefin to find the weapon before
the submarine is
attacked and subsequently sinks.


ship is warded so
Lucifer is
unable to board it with Dean, and is forced to leave him behind and
back to the future. Dean is caught
pretty quickly in his rouse and tries to
go with the truth to the captain
and the crew telling them he is
there on a
mission from the future.


Despite Dean’s
warnings of an
imminent attack
the Captain doesn’t believe his claims. That quickly changes
when a Nazi
ship comes upon them quickly and
begins its barrage. They say they
want the woman of letters and the cargo
she carries, or they will sink the
Delphine had previously cleared all the warding so Dean could get home,
but the
last bit was part of
her life line. She needed to die in order to clear it
completely. In an
effort to try and get Dean home and
sink the Nazi ship,
Delphine touches the hand of God, which gives her enough
power to destroy the
above. It still sunk the Bluefin, but they knew it was their time to



Back at the
Meanwhile, Sam is stuck waiting
with Lucifer. Sam may be leery of
‘Castiel’s’ new attitude, but
Lucifer can’t
seem to hide his charade any longer. While working together to
find a way to get
around the
warding and bring Dean home, they hit a snag when a possible spell
needed an
impossible to get ingredient –
the power of an arch angel. Castiel
(Lucifer) insists to Sam that it may
work anyway, fully knowing he had
that in
spades. Sam continues to protest and Lucifer, finally irritated to
the point of
laughter, the
reveals himself to Sam and it doesn’t go over so



Lucifer realizes that Dean is the
one he should be
keeping safe because he will have what is needed to defeat
Amara. Just as he
intends to
kill Sam, Castiel is able to break through Lucifer’s grasp and
prevent Sam’s
death. He tells Sam that he
invited Lucifer in because they needed
him in order to get rid of the


Just as
is letting go of the hand of God and unleashing its power, Lucifer
shows back up
to rescue Dean.
As soon as Sam sees them return he tells Dean that Cas is gone
and Lucifer
is riding shotgun. Lucifer touches
the Hand of God and realizes that
its power has been tapped and is intent on
killing both Winchesters. Sam
the jump on him with a banishing blood spell, and the boys live to tell



Unrelated to the episode arc was a few scenes in
beginning with Lucifer
sitting on the throne in Hell, keeping Crowley as his pet
dog. Crowley is
complacent, but certainly not done
scheming to reclaim what he
thinks to be his rightful


Something tells me that

somehow Crowley, along with the Winchesters, will find a way to banish
back to the cage. Then, in
order to defeat Amara without him, will have to find
one of the other arcs
of the covenant, like the Hand of
God. Or, as Dean says,
“go full Raiders”.


What did you
think of

Supernatural’s latest episode, “The Vessel”? Do you think we will
see Castiel back to his
old self? Will we ever see Mark Pellegrino’s version of
Lucifer again? Boy,
I hope so. He is one devil I hate


Supernatural 11×15 “Beyond the Matt”
airs on
Wednesday, February
24 at 9/8C on the CW.

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