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‘Supernatural’ 12×19 Recap & Review “The Future”

Published on April 28th, 2017 | Updated on April 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

Well, that was a wallop of a ‘Supernatural’ episode my friends… right in the feels. Anytime you have Dean and Cas in a scene together where there are major decisions to be made, there’s going to be some tug-at-the-heart-string moments without a doubt. “The Future” was no different.

Two plans collide as Castiel returns to the bunker to “check in” with the Winchesters. After a brief moment of frustration, Dean and Cas seem to be on the same page. But Castiel’s motives were not as they seemed.


Let’s dive right into this week’s quick recap of “The Future”…

Kelly has stopped taking care of herself. Knowing that she will die once the baby is born has made her not want to go on. Dagon politely suggests she go take a bath, and when she does, she tries to end it. Kelly finds a way to cut her wrists while in the tub, trying to end it before the demon spawn does. When Dagon comes down into the basement, she sees the mess of blood in the tub, but Kelly is huddled in the corner. The Devil’s baby wouldn’t let her die and healed the wounds to her wrists.

Castiel comes back to the bunker finally, and Dean isn’t exactly thrilled with the reasons Cas gives for being away. Cas explains that he needed to try to work with the angels because he needed to come back to the Winchesters with a win; a way to find Kelly. When Dean tells him that they did have her at one point, Cas asks the all important questions, “can either of you kill an innocent?” Dean says that Sam is pretty insistent on finding a way to end this situation without harming Kelly.


Dean tells Cas that they can all do it together, that he can get back on #TeamFreeWill and find a way to save Kelly and her baby, but still remove the danger that the Nephilim poses. When Dean leaves, Cas doesn’t exactly look encouraged.

Sam comes up with a new plan neutralize the Nephilim. He suggests that they try and remove the baby’s Grace. Without it, he’s just a human and not the threat they believe he will be. Dean goes to grab Cas to tell him the plan, but he’s gone again.

Plan B

Cas apparently had an ulterior motive for stopping by the bunker. It wasn’t to reconnect and check in with the Winchesters, but instead to steal the Colt and bring it back to the angels. This is all a part of Joshua’s plan to kill Dagon and Kelly. Castiel tells Kelvin that he is willing to kill Kelly so that Sam and Dean don’t have too. Once again, Cas does what he thinks is necessary not only in service to the greater good but to the greater good of the Winchesters.

The angels get a location on the target and take on Dagon. Of course, she gets the jump on them, and while they try to neutralize the Princess of Hell, Cas heads to the basement to find Kelly. Unable to kill her, Cas takes Kelly and runs.

Dagon tells Lucifer through some private demon party line that Kelly and the baby have gotten away with Castiel. He’s not really happy and tells her that if she doesn’t find his son, she’ll be sorry. Luckily, Dagon kept Kelvin alive and tortures him for any information on where Castiel could’ve gone.

Castiel takes Kelly to a motel room after his truck breaks down. Kelly tries to convince him that the baby could be powerful, but a good influence. She tells him how the baby wouldn’t let her die when she tried to kill herself. When the devil’s spawn starts to kick, she puts Castiel’s hand on her stomach to feel it. Kelly’s eyes flash gold, and she has a premonition of Castiel protecting her saying, “you stay away from her” while something goes up in flames in front of them. The moment is broken by a knock at the door when Sam and Dean show up to get the Colt back.


Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Supernatural 12x19
Photo courtesy of The CW


The guys explain Sam’s idea about the Grace, and Castiel shares his plan to take Kelly to heaven. He tells them that upon entering the gates, both Kelly and the baby will die. Their souls will be welcomed to Heaven heaven and their bodies returned to the universe. Kelly doesn’t like their plan, she would rather be killed entering the gates of Heaven, then try to remove the thing that makes her boy special, his Grace. Ultimately, Castiel agrees to go back to the bunker to discuss things further and takes Kelly to the Impala. While Sam and Dean are talking, Kelly and Cas are waiting in Baby, and Kelly decides to take off with the car.

Kelly believes her premonition means that once she dies, Castiel will be sure her son is born and be the one to raise and protect him. She still wants to continue with his plan to go through Heaven’s gate.

When they get to the sandbox gate, Joshua appears, ready to welcome Kelly to heaven. Dagon pops in suddenly behind him and turns him to angel dust. Cas and Dagon fight, and just when it seems like he’s done for, Sam and Dean show up in Cas’s truck and take their shot at Dagon. She’s able to get the Colt from Dean, and he watches in horror as she basically melts it into two pieces.


Photo courtesy of The CW


Again, just as Cas is about to be taken out by Dagon, he tells Kelly to run, but she stays and takes his hand. Her eyes glow gold and the power transfers to Castiel. He’s able to kill Dagon without any problems this time.

When it’s all done, Cas is clearly more at peace now than he’s been in a very long time. When Kelly took his hand, that transfer of power from the Nephilim to Cas showed him a purpose. He’s come around to Kelly’s faith and now believes that her child must be born. The Winchesters don’t agree, and say can’t believe that he’s serious. Sam flat out tells Castiel that they won’t let him just leave with her. Armed with all his powers and then some, he heal’s Dean’s arm before tapping both of their foreheads and knocking them out.

Kelly and Cas get back in his truck and she asks him…


Kelly: “What did he tell you?”

Castiel: “He didn’t tell me. He showed me… the future.”


What’s Next for “The Future”?

What DID the Nephilim show Castiel and is it a true vision, or a fabrication to get an angel on its’ side?

No Colt. No Kelly Kline. Men of Letters on your back… what are the boys going to do? There are four episodes left this season, with a two-hour finale airing on May 18th, and things are starting to really come to a head. Castiel seems so certain that he’s doing the right thing, but he’s been manipulated before into believing… what makes this any different? Is Kelly’s baby as dangerous and evil as they say?

How far will Castiel go to protect Kelly and the baby? How do you think Sam and Dean will take Castiel’s change of heart? Will this put a further rift into their little family? Don’t forget, there are still consequences lingering out there over Billie’s death. Will all this somehow tie into that dark prophecy that’s been looming?

Hopefully, we’ll get some answers to these questions on the next ‘Supernatural’. “Twigs & Twines & Tasha Banes” airs on Thursday, May 4th at 8/7C on The CW.

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