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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘For the Girl Who Has Everything’

Supergirl Recap ‘For the Girl Who Has Everything’

This was probably the best episode the series to date. It had a great balance of story, action, comedy, and character development, and featured some superb acting that knocked all of the emotional scenes out of the park.

Kara was attacked by the Black Mercy, a parasite that traps her in a dream world where Krypton wasn’t destroyed. At first, Kara believes that what she sees is not real, but as the world becomes more convincing, she loses her memories of Earth.

At first, Alex and Hank believe that Maxwell is the one behind the praise, but he denies it. Later, Astra appears to
Alex and tells her that it was left by Non. She says the only way to free her is for Kara to reject the dream. With Maxwell’s help, the DEO creates a device to transport Alex into Kara’s subconsciousness.

Chyler Leigh was fantastic this week. Her plea for Kara to come back was incredibly emotional and pulled on my heartstrings. I’m glad we got an episode that focused a little bit more on Alex because she is an interesting character. I think in the weeks to come, we will see more of her character as she struggles to keep a pretty massive secret (more on that later).

Non and Astra have been planning something called Myriad. They didn’t take anything when they attacked Lord Industries, and instead planted a virus of sorts. Non leaves the parasite to take Kara out of the equation so they can act unhindered. They will make their move under cover of a solar storm that is scrambling the DEO’s satellites. However, Astra’s visit to Alex changes the tide. Winn discovers where they will strike and once Kara wakes up, she goes after Non with a vengeance.

I want to take a moment to applaud Melissa Benoist. She has been phenomenal as Kara, and has played several different versions of her character. She is Kara and Supergirl, but she has also played Bizarro Supergirl before her facade was shattered, as well as Hank as Kara. It is not easy to play four different iterations of one character in such a convincing way, but Benoist nails it and really make you believe that is is someone else as her.

This episode we got to see more of Martian Manhunter as J’onn fights Astra. Hank also poses as Kara so she doesn’t get fired by Cat for missing work, and it is a really funny series of events. Cat even scares Hank, who says that he prefers an alien prison to working for her. It made for a good break from the intensity of the rest of the episode. Winn is back as his cheerier self and helps the DEO figure out Non’s move. Maybe Hank will offer him a job.

The biggest moment of the episode came when Alex and Hank take on Astra. Though J’onn puts up a good fight, Astra gains the upper hand. She is about to kill him when Alex stabs her through the chest with a Kryptonite blade and kills her. Kara arrives on the scene and Alex is about to tell her the truth, but Hank interrupts and says that he was the one that killed her. Hank later tells Alex that he lied to protect Kara’s image of her sister.

There are several ramifications from Astra’s death. First, Non is even more angry. He succeeded in starting the Myriad process, but now he is going to be even more ruthless in honor of his wife’s memory. Second, Alex is going to be haunted by her actions, not just by killing Astra, but by lying to Kara. At the end of the episode, she wants to tell Kara the truth, but can’t. We are already beginning to see the pain of the secret on her face. Alex will only continue to struggle, and the longer she keeps it from Kara, the worse it will be once the truth comes out.

Supergirl takes a week break and returns February 22 with episode 14, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.”

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